Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Child Protective Services Called To 2520 23rd Ave. N., Lord Knows How...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

As previously reported, click here, neighbors have been buzzing on the UWHO listserv and talking to authorities about rampant bad and unsafe behavior at 2520 23rd Ave. N., including minor children who don't seem to be attending school very often. Some days ago--

--before I left on yet another trucking trip--I went by the area and happened to be around when police showed up at the address over a child in the house playing with an air rifle in the street, incident pictured above. (No, this is not my veiled way of saying I called the police. If I called the police, most likely I'd advertise it)

Previous to the incident with the air rifle, I heard how one resident of the house knocked on the door of at least one neighbor, demanding to know who called Child Protective Services on her. In my experience, it takes dozens of police, 311, and CPS calls to make any kind of progress on a problem property. You just have to keep chugging away on faith.

However, extremely notable bad behavior at problem property addresses has a way of ending up on this blog.

(Blogging from Holland, Michigan)


Anonymous said...

I think in the interest of full disclosure we need to find out who snitched and post their name and adderess here.

la_vie_en_rose said...

Well, we used to play with air rifles when I was a kid, but that was small town Indiana where kids were also allowed to drive tractors and four wheelers to school well before they had a license.

About the kids not attending school, I see lots of kids running through the streets when (I thought) school's still in session. Are there a lot of schools that let out early here, are there a lot of homeschooled children, or are there really that many parents who just don't give a damn? If it's the latter, that's a huge shame.

Anonymous said...

Ruth, or Rose, post your facebook link here so you can really become part of the community.

jamesdoublenelson said...

Dang! Thanks for the news John. This is great to know. I drive by there on my way home often to keep an eye on things. I never see anything and I've asked neighbors there to call me if anything at all concerning happens over there so I can start a phone chain to get faster action as appropriate. I haven't had any phone calls at all. We need to have zero tolerance (whether that involves the police or working with the residents residing there or calling the land lord, etc.) Also, I'll be looking for the MPD action alert on this. I get them all for the UWHO area and forward them to the entire list so we can all be on alert for each other. I'll check with the neighbors and the landlord/rental company to make sure we're all workin' together to bring peace and safety to ALL concerned. Great job John. Thank you & God bless!
James Nelson

Anonymous said...

Have to tell you, I loved, loved, loved the youtube video of you avoiding being served on the mpls mirror site. Looks as though shit is going to hit the fan soon for you Johnny buddy! Signed, an excited North Dakota Fan. HA!

Johnny Northside! said...

Parents. Not giving a damn. That's what it is.

If you can nail down the house where kids don't go to school all day, I think you should contact CPS. Some of these kids have fallen out of the system and it's not like the schools are going to call CPS. They may be under the impression the kids are in a different district.

la_vie_en_rose said...

Not sure I could nail down the houses they live in without having a lot of time on my hands after seeing them (which I usually don't). I've seen them running down Broadway and behind me on Golden Valley around 1 or so, so I assumed that there's a school around here that lets out at that time (there are some in Cincy that do). I figured it's that or a truant officer would get them (unless there are none here?).

Anon, I posted my Facebook yesterday, but such is the comment system that it went by quickly. I'll do it one more time. I attached it to my Blogger profile, but I'll be damned if I can find it.


James Nelson said...

Mpls Pub Schools earliest release is 1:50PM, unless it is an AM Kindergarten classes (of which there a very few 1/2 day programs left). Some alternative schools, however, have shorter days. I hope that helps.

James Nelson
(an MPS employee)

James Nelson said...

The earliest Mpls Public Schools get out is 1:50PM unless it is 1/2 day Kindergarten (but there are few 1/2 day programs left and getting less every year). However, there are alternative schools that have shorter days but mostly for high schoolers. If a child has 3 or more unexcused absences, the law requires the school begin to intercede for the child's attendance issues. I must assure you that the school is aware of their attendance and is addressing it. However, please call 911 to report a possible child out of school and they will follow with the child not being in school (I have done that before and it works). Thanks for looking out for this family in need (it seems). I hope this helps.
God bless,
James Nelson
(a thankful MPS employee)

My wife said...

James's naivete is astonishing. Does he have zero tolerance or does he want to hug everyone? Reading his comments is like nails on a chalkboard. He kills the blog.

My wife also said...

He must fart rainbows.