Thursday, April 15, 2010

Storm Clouds Still Gathering Over Level Three Sex Offender Concentration Issues In North Minneapolis Like Michael Robert Logeais Of 3415 Logan Ave N.

Photo above by John Hoff, DOC mug shots in public domainBlog post by John Hoff

I realize there was a flurry of writing on this blog about Level Three Sex Offender concentration in North Minneapolis, including my vow to hunt down and publish the actual addresses of these dangerous pervs who have been dumped on our vulnerable neighborhood despite a statute which supposedly prohibits precisely that kind of concentration, click here for more info. But after that initial flurry of blogging, the issue was not front and center on Johnny Northside the way I intended it to be.

The reason for this is simple, and it has nothing to do with some county attorney writing to me and saying Bobbie Chevalier-Jones is an "exemplary" zookeeper for sick, (figuratively) drooling perverts like Peter "Pete The Pedophile" Rickmyer, who still hasn't served me with his frivolous legal paper as of today. Click here for a PDF copy of the lawyer letter in question. I'll be replying to the letter soon enough, but I think I'll be saving a stamp, if you know what I mean. (And I think Johnny Northside readers know EXACTLY what I mean)

No, the reason that I took my time replying was simple: I was...

...out of town. In fact, I went to three states I'd never been before: Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. The ground in Georgia is red, like in that song "Me And You And A Dog Named Boo."

I remember to this day/
The bright red Georgia clay/
And how it stuck to the tires/
After the summer rain

In the photo above, storm clouds greet me in Illinois. I soon had hail bouncing off my hood. Maybe the time will come when I write up more of those fun and personal "gone trucking" posts, but I feel blogging about neighborhood doings is much more important.

I don't like to publicly mention when I'm out of town because, well, I find it more tactically advisable to let Peter Rickmyer wonder where I am and run himself around in ragged circles, trying to serve me. The more time he spends trying to serve me, the less time he can spend suing nice church ladies for telling him to leave a program where children are present.

But when I'm out of town, nobody else associated with this blog is going to advance the "sex offenders concentrated in North Minneapolis" issue. Jeff Skrenes--the Hawthorne Hawkman--doesn't want to touch this yucky issue no more than most people want to touch Peter Rickmyer's right hand. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.

So the issue was on the back burner of this blog for a while. But not today.

Recently, a regular reader of Johnny Northside Dot Com sent me an email about a halfway house at 3415 Logan Ave. N. and a Level Three sex offender reportedly living there named MICHAEL ROBERT LOGEAIS.

The story of the halfway house--dumped in the neighborhood without any notice to neighbors--and the presence of Michael Logeais, which apparently gave the whole thing away when "Level Three" notices went out--is told in a series of emails between a good, solid North Minneapolis citizen and Sara Goodnough, an assistant to Council Member Barb Johnson.

The first email was apparently sent through a city website on April 12, and went like this:

I contacted you about 6 mos. ago with concerns about 3415 Logan Ave. N. beinging used to house parolees. I just wanted to inform you that it is still being used for this propose. Right now 2 men live at this location 1 of whom is a Level 3 sex offender. Also the owner is in the process of installing a basement egress window. Which signals to myself and my neighbors that they plan to move more people into the house.

While I agree that everyone deserves a second chance I wonder about the wisdom of moving felons partically sex offenders into a neighborhood that already has many crime problems.

Thank you,
The solid citizen received a response that very day, as follows:

I have a follow up email into Inspections. There is a permit out for the egress window. I looked up the level 3 offenders in the 55412 zip code, but didn't find anyone listed residing on your block. Do you have further info?

I will get back to you when I hear back from Housing. I suspect it is not a violation for two unrelated adults to be living in a single family home. I believe up to 3 unrelated adults can live in a house.

Sara Goodnough
Assistant to Council President Barbara Johnson
Minneapolis City Council - Fourth Ward

Good to know. Here's the next email.

Last year Zoning made this determination about the use of the property.

The owner has a co-tenant agreement with Hennepin County. This property is involved in an Intensive Supervisory Release program. There will be no more than three (3) persons will residing in the home. No administrator will live or visit the site. However, periodically a parole agent will visit where searches and drug/alcohol test may be conducted. For more info call Noni Karfroski at 612-919-5444. Since there is no administrator on site, Zoning has determined that there is no violation and the property complies with the rules of occupancy per Section 546.50. As a result, this file will be closed.

Steve may be able to comment more on this.


Greg Simbeck

Project Coordinator

Regulatory Services/Emergency Preparedness

250 S. 4th St. PSC 400

Minneapolis, MN 55415
Question from the Johnny Northside peanut gallery: when was the neighborhood association notified of this, and when did the neighborhood association have its input or sign off on this lame scheme? And would this happen anywhere but North Minneapolis? I don't think so.

We are, however, no longer as politically powerless as we used to be. The power of grassroots media is giving us a strong voice which can't be silenced or ignored about--for example--concentrations of child molesters being dumped in what is, demographically, the youngest neighborhood in Minneapolis.

The final (relevant) email in the string summarizes what's been happening at the property, and makes mention of the specific Level Three sex offender...allowing me to reveal his address, as I vowed.

3415 was a forclosure that was bought last year and then turned into a halfway house for parolees. Including as of right now 1 Level 3 sex offender MICHAEL ROBERT LOGEAIS. With the exception of the sex offender the neighbors were give no notice of this we only realized it when the US Marshalls removed someone by force from the house. Since that time the US Marshalls have been there 2 other times to remove people. Also at one point a female felon had started using the house for prostitution. As I told Ms. Goodnough I believe most people deserve a second chance but I really question the wisdom of moving more criminals into an area that has had its share of problems.

Two things to add in closing: the possessive form of "it" is "its" not "it's."

This is to distinguish the possessive its from the contraction for "it is."

Just saying.

Secondly, on March 15 I sent the following email to Jonathan Ragner, who is the supervisor for Michael Robert Logeais.
Dear Jonathan Ragner,

The mug shots you are using on the DOC Level Three sex offender website for Michael Robert Logeais are slightly blurry.

I am surprised DOC would use such low quality photos on the website. I am looking forward to hearing back about getting a better photo on the website. This is my neighborhood, and we certainly need to be able to know what these Level Three sex offenders look like.

Do you imagine I received any reply at all from the Department of Corrections? If you imagine I did, then you have a very overactive imagination.

Oh, wait, I guess I should add a minor third point.

Here's the owner of the house in question.


Why am I not surprised this guy doesn't live in North Minneapolis, but makes a buck off the bruised and bloody back of our much-put upon neighborhood?


Connie said...

So how does the rent get paid on this property? Is it subsidized from the county program or paid privately by these tenants aka sex offenders?

Thanks for taking this on, Johnny.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping on top of this John. Frankly, the way that sex offenders keep getting dumped in NoMi makes me want to give up on the place and move to Brooklyn Park or something.

I know I should keep trying, but this is just depressing.

Johnny Northside said...


I would love to know the answer to that. But I don't have the answer right now. It's just amazing how this myth of "well supervised" Level Three sex offenders continues to unravel before our eyes, though, and this in a neighborhood where they have been dumped, concentrated, and did I say "dumped?"

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we had a Hmong police officer they could also be put in charge of extra L3SO supervision.

Anonymous said...

Less than 4 blocks away live Ken Hughes another L3SO. Maybe they can get together and discuss what d-bags they are, meanwhile my property value continues to fall!

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to Ken Hughs, Level Three Sex Offender...

Any way to nail down his specific address? Please assist and maybe I can do something to help those property values.

In the meantime, I hope those with concerns about the L3SO concentration in North Minneapolis will continue to talk to their public officials about this.

MeganG said...

John - Ken Hughes was the first L3SO that you published the address.

Anonymous said...

If you map out the L3SO in 55412 Including Michael Logeais who the state mistakenly lists with a 55411 zip code but a 55412 address. You find that you have 4 L3SO living in a 9 block area of each other. Ken Hughes on the 3500 block of Irving, Edward Vance on the 3400 block of James, Micheal Logeais at 3415 Logan, and Bolka Kambon on the 3300 block of Logan. This really sounds like dumping or clustering to me.

Anonymous said...

K.A. Hughes is listed as the tax payer at 3519 Irving Ave. N.

Johnny Northside! said...

To Megan,

Thanks for that info. They're all just pervert meat sacks as far as I'm concerned. Just because I expose where they live doesn't mean it's PERSONAL to me, to the point I didn't even REMEMBER writing about this one. He has the kind of face that just blends into the background. I'm sure it served him well pre-conviction.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth Hughes is not on probation or parole, owns the house he lives in, and by law, can live anywhere he wants. We know you don't like him there but there's nothing you can do about it. So get over it.

Hilary said...

I hope Johnny Northside will use his legal skills to sue the MN DOC over these sex offender concentrations. At least maybe then we can get "housing," "sex offender" and "North Minneapolis" defined in a court of law.

Erin Logeais said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Erin Loghead loves her daddy so much that it took damn near two years to respond. I would diagnose this as latent logheadedness with the cure being one shut the hell up pill. Making up for what he did would constitute him jumping in front of a Mack truck going seventy miles an hour. Twice.

Anonymous said...

Helpful link to a previous Johnny Northside comment with additional information on this subject.

also refer to the Sexual Offender Notification Fact Sheet:

Anonymous said...

and also to this wonderfully outspoken misguided erin from above who probably will never even see this because she has blinders on. one day when you have daughters... are you going to leave them with your father to watch them in good conscience. probably not. there is no way to right the wrongs that he committed. i know just as much about what he did as you do if not more. if we can't hang a rapist by his sack so it gets ripped off and tear his eyes out so he can't find what he's desiring than our system should atleast try to relocate these offenders to another place far from the victims which they have scarred. sincerely: anonymous man