Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Chicago Story North Minneapolis Should Hear...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

So while I was trucking through Chicago a few days ago, I pulled over to buy diesel and I saw this very interesting story in the Chicago Sun-Times. In summary: a 17-year-old teenager was shot in a drug dealing dispute in one of Chicago's rough neighborhoods. As he lay dying, a police officer asked the teen if he knew who shot him.

The teen answered...

...he knew, but he wasn't going to tell.

Here's the story online, click here.

This appears to be the ultimate extreme of the morally retarded "Don't Snitch" mindset, which leads to endless cycles of extra-legal street violence as victims, friends and/or families of victims seek revenge, and become perpetrators themselves.

At the confirmation hearing for Minneapolis Police Chief Dolan, I addressed this issue briefly and pointed out we need new legal tactics to deal with uncooperative witnesses who refuse to give up vital information about shootings, already plotting how they will heal up and dish it out tit-for-tat with live ammo. I've suggested hauling these "so-called victims" in front of grand juries, or doing psychiatric evaluations, or holding them in protective custody. Some or all of these.

The violence in North Minneapolis mostly happens within a small, thuggish mindset, who prey on each other. The tactics used by the authorities in our fair city are indeed working and reducing violence, but there is a stubborn recidivist remnant which digs in and refuses to change for the better. New tactics are needed. And perhaps we can start moving in the direction of new tactics with an open, freewheeling discussion as a result of horrible "teaching moment" incidents like this.

(Blogging from Frankfort, Kentucky)


Anonymous said...

Let them kill each other.
If we get out of the way, eventually the killing will outpace the birthrate.

Shamika said...


The person who was shot has the right to decide to snitch on the shooter. It's not your business nor the government's. If someone gets shot and doesn't want to get the judicial system involved, that's their business.

Anonymous said...


To your point, I wish the law enforcement can know in advance so that they don't need to respond to those who don't want to snitch, and save tax payer some money.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is a small, thuggish mindset that allows folks to prey on each other. We must not, however be complacent about this violence until/unless some innocent person is struck by a stray bullet.

KSTP TV reported Saturday morning, April 17th that there had been a shooting outside Patrick Henry High School around 10:30 PM Friday, April, 16th.

The report stated that the shooting occurred as the Spring Fling was ending.

The KSTP website that the victim had non-lifethreatening injuries.

I could find no other stories about this incident on any other major TV website, nor on the Strib's site. That doesn't mean that they didn't report it, but I couldn't find it.

I've seen no other follow-up, either.

One wonders how it is that a shooting that is apparently tied to a school sanctioned event gets so little notice.

Are shootings just not newsworthy anymore?

MeganG. said...

Shamika, whose business is it to medically treat that wounded person? Whose business is it to pay out social security death benefits when that shooting victim dies, perhaps to all 8 of his illegitimate children? Whose business is it to keep the streets safe from random gun fire, which means targeting the people who are running around carrying and firing off handguns when someone steps on their new pair of Jordans?(tennis shoes)

Miss Fake Shamika blog troll, I think you have the philosophy of "indivdual liberties and rights" a bit misconstrued.

Anonymous said...

Go get em, Megan

Anonymous said...

Ok... when someone gets shot it can be a little tramitic to say the least..with that being said how can you try and say someone should be forced to tell on the person who did it, this is fucking america people a free counrty why are you twats trying to take away more freedom... you are not the ones being shot at, and dosent it even make this fucked up judical system more money if there is retaliation?... also shootings like this happen it shady neighborhoods to shady people if you guys are scared MOVE isn't that y the suburbs were invented? So you guys can stay away from the people who shoot at eatch other?- luke

Johnny Northside said...

America was founded on free speech, not free fire.

Anonymous said...


OK. So I am not the one being shot at.

I'm OK with that. Thinning of the herd, so to speak.

That's your business.

In the event that thugs want to blow each other away, who cares?

Just don't kill innocent folks sitting in their homes studying, eating or whatever.

Don't shoot at folks at Patrick Henry High School.

Grow up!

Be a man!

Anyone can pull a trigger on a gun, even a child.

Luke, your rights end where my rights begin.

I live in MY neighborhood, no matter where it is.

MY right is to live in peace.


Anonymous said...

Lets waterboard there asses! Jokes.
T Jaramillo

Anonymous said...

Luke doesn't get it.

Anonymous said...

Luke, you said "you are not the ones being shot at, and dosent it even make this f---d up judical system more money if there is retaliation?..." Do you have any idea how our judicial system works? The fewer cases that are heard, and especially those that go to trial, the more money is saved. More retaliation means the system spends (loses) money. Do I even need to start on how much it costs to maintain prisons? But we do it, rather than leaving thugs to have the ability to retaliate.

As to your belief that people should choose to live elsewhere, that is just a defeatist stance, accepting that we should just ignore problems in certain neighborhoods, nevermind the children and other residents who DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE!

Have some optimism, brother!