Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hot New Makeover For Stanley Warren Burch, Level Three Sex Offender, Going For That "Cute And Innocent Grandpa" Look...

DOC stock photos, therefore public domain, blog post by John Hoff

As of today, the 55411 zip code has 28 Level Three sex offenders. This is an insufferable and concentrated number of sex offenders which is getting in the way of the revitalization of our neighborhood.

The Department of Corrections website does an almost adequate bureaucratic job of listing information and photos about these offenders, as well as the names of their supervising agents (for the ones still supervised) but these supervising agents are, in the experience of myself and other residents, incredibly unresponsive.

For example, recently I asked a supervising agent when was the nightly curfew of a particular Level Three Sex Offender. He never got back to me.

And, of course, there's not a place on the DOC website where citizens can add commentary and questions. Leave THAT to this blog. Though my "collect them all" sex offender blog posts aren't the hottest item on this blog, I believe making the historical record is important. I'm also happy to provide a forum where anybody searching a name in Google can add their commentary months, years, DECADES after my original blog post.

So check out Stanley Warren Burch! He was the subject of a previous blog post, click here, but since the last time I wrote about him...

...Stanley has a whole new look. How would I characterize this look? Maybe "innocent and harmless old grandpa?" Compare his new look to his old look, below.

But watch out. Stanley has a history of going after adult females (some strangers, some women that he knows) and using weapons to gain "compliance" with is goal of "penetration."

Here is a link to Stanley's own little DOC page, click here. For some reason, a search for Stanley (or in Stanley's zip code) produces two identical pages. Does that mean Stanley is twice as dangerous as most Level Three Sex Offenders?

No, I think it's just a typical DOC oversight but it was enough to catch my attention and inspire me to write about the guy today.


Anonymous said...

I can't find my last post, but again, free speech is not absolute, lawyered up or not:

Even the best and brightest students of law screw up:

Johnny Northside! said...

The second link you posted seems more like a lesson Jill Clark should learn, not me. I certainly don't file frivolous and verbose lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

The second one does seem like a Clark type situation. The first doesn't seem to fit. Plus it's just an editorial. You must work to attain more troll-fu, grasshopper.

Naysayer said...

The number of Level Threes per zip code probably is a drag on "hood" revitalization in the same way as the number of vacant structural eyesores, prevalence of boom cars with advertised 26 inch custom rims, shot-spotter density patterns, and the like. Many prospective new homeowners, and definitely real estate agents, do scope-out these things. I also believe that the MN DOC subscribes to the "cordon sanitaire" theory that I have described in a previous post in order to minimize their hassling with outraged citizens.

However, I have to wonder how much of a threat L3s really are for re-offending, as they are reputedly supervised pretty closely. It would be interesting to know the comparative rates of recidivism among L3s, L2s, and L1s.