Sunday, September 2, 2012

One Northside Resident Plans To Publicize A "Jacked Up Property Of The Week"

Photos and the compilation of photos are contributed, blog post by John Hoff

On the highly-influential North Talk forum on Facebook, one participant recently posted the photo compilation, above, and said the following about this property at 1100 34th Avenue North...

In the interest of forcing some accountability for the condition of some of the properties in NoMi I'm starting a weekly posting called "Jacked-up Property of the Week."

The first property is occupied and judging by the spray-painted house numbers on the garage, it is 1100 34th Ave N.

This property just screams "I don't do anything until I get a ticket!" The dilapidated garage, grafiti, overgrown vines obstructing half the sidewalk, unfinshed window upgrades (judging by the weathering were started years ago), and the people audibly fighting inside when I walked by made this property the hands down winner for the title of "Jacked-up Property of the Week."

(End quote)

It continues to be the position of this blog that so much of the information discussed on the North Talk Facebook forum needs to be in a more public setting, discoverable by search engines, and that a lot of energy is being wasted when, for example, the goal of a Facebook forum participant is to publicize a problem to the wider community and, indeed, one might consider the need to make the historical record.

Though it is mere hackwork to take info from this forum and republish it, I continue to see it as "necessary hackwork" for the moment and I'm grappling with how to make this happen in a more creative fashion without wasting my own bloggy energy.

Here is one example of "added blog value," which is digging deeper into the publicized issue. The property at 1100 34th Ave. N. is owned by Joseph C. Winston and Natasha A. Anderson. It is a homesteaded property. Indeed, this "homesteaded" property looks like it hasn't seen repairs since the time of the Homestead Act.

It should be noted it was the "crap hole" property at 3203 Logan Ave. N., the subject of intensely hot discussion on North Talk, which appears to have instigated a new energy to aggressively publicize "crap hole" properties and demand neighborhood standards. This blog has a lot to say about 3203 Logan Ave. N. and its association with "White Student Union" founder Thomas David, but this blog is "holding fire" on that issue in the interest of seeing neighborhood leaders work toward a resolution of the ugly situation at that property.

And I say "holding fire" in a completely "not involved in arson" sort of way.

Sorry, but I can't stop myself from joking outrageously about the ridiculous situation at that property, including the recent arson attempt...once again, the subject of INTENSELY INTERESTING discussion on the North Talk Facebook forum.


Anonymous said...

Thats some janky chit there.

Anonymous said...

John can you post a list of all northside properties and owners with outstanding TISH or housing orders? To have a list might encourage owners to act to get off the list. Could be updated monthly.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, competition. Maybe you won't get to be the dominant blogger in NoMi anymore.

Johnny Northside! said...

Technically, posting stuff on Facebook isn't "blogging" but it's all part of one big revitalization push to help the neighborhood so good luck to anybody who wants to jump in the fight and push Northside neighborhood revitalization via content posted on the internet.

Johnny Northside! said...

To the poster at 9:37 AM, even a troll's clock that has stopped might show the correct time of day once in a while.

Not sure where I'd get a list like that but if somebody sent it to me, I'd consider it.