Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Presented For Your Oh-So-Informative Reading Pleasure, The Court Order In Dave Bicking's "Fatally Flawed" Defamation Lawsuit Against CRA Chair Donald Bellfield...

Stock photo, Hennepin County Government Center, blog post by John Hoff

Tracking the progress of Dave Bicking's appeal in his baseless lawsuit against former CRA chair Donald Bellfield, I've written two blog posts in the past week, click here and also here.

Yesterday, a source kindly sent me a copy of the judge's order in the case, dated June 4, 2012. Here is a copy of the order, click here.

I do not yet have a copy of Bicking's recent appeal (which would reveal his basis for appealling, which I'd love to know since I'm sure it's a real creative stretch) or a copy of any responsive filings by Bellfield. As I get those things I will make them available.

The order linked above contains such fascinating gems as what I would describe as a radical "unwashed proletarian masses" definition of what it means to be the "prevailing party" in a lawsuit, which is just FASCINATING because it appears to be sort of like the very OPPOSITE of the LEGAL definition.

Sigh. What will we ever do without loony attorney Jill Clark to provide us this kind of entertainment? Well, I'm sure we'll find SOMETHING, like barbeque in our backyards in peace instead of worrying about the next baseless lawsuit.


Anonymous said...

Dave Bicking is probably appealing the attorney's fees he owes from that lawsuit

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with all of you white boys? Why don't you just duke it out with the black boys and call it a war? bitches.