Thursday, September 27, 2012

JNS BLOG SUPER EXCLUSIVE: Michael Danwy Breauxsaus, Who Turned Himself In After Bus Stop Stabbing, Will Not Be Charged By Reason Of Self-Defense...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff, blogging from deep in the heart of Texas 

According to a source at the Hennepin County prosecutor's office, Michael Danwy Breauxsaus will not be charged in the "bus stop stabbing" near Cub Foods by reason of self-defense. I am not aware of any other media announcing this interesting development, but if anybody finds a Tweet laying on the ground that predates this blog posting, feel free to raise that Tweet high above your head and roar so loud you can be heard, for example, in the Duluth federal pen where reportedly a "prison pizza" concoction is made when inmates take plastic garbage bags and mix up ingredients like saltine crackers, cheese, and salsa in a big glorious goop and call that "pizza."

In any case...

As this blog reported, Breauxsaus had an extensive rap sheet. In addition...

...the website lists the following known aliases.

Breuxsaus, Michael Danya

Breauxsaus, Michael Danya

 Breaussaus, Michael

 Breauzsaus, Michael Danwy

 Breauxsaus, Michael Danwy

To be perfectly fair, this guy does have a very difficult-to-spell name and sometimes mere clerical errors get transformed into "aliases" by the workings of the system. It would appear that even a dirt bag with five reported aliases and an extensive rap sheet can act in self-defense. However, what's troubling is that no record for the VICTIM has turned up, while the guy who committed the homicide has an extensive record. I have not been able to rule out that the victim had a record; I just haven't been able to turn up any such record for Evander Lazar Partee.

This is a troubling case, and anybody who has more info please contribute your thoughts. 


Anonymous said...

Mr. Partee does have a minor record. This was reported over at the anti-johnny blog. If a guy in Texas can find it so should you. But I'll give you some help since you're such a useless putz:

Anonymous said...

Fuck this news!!! What about that work place shooting yesterday? You know, the "White" person that shot those "White" people??????? If it were a known black establishment you would've posted pictures,backgrounds, and backgrounds of relatives of any black person that ever worked there!!!!

Johnny Northside! said...

The workplace shooting just happened. If I can get info that none of the other news organizations can get, obviously I will post it. But as of last night (I haven't had a chance to look, yet, this morning) I didn't have any names that I could dig into except the name of the owner of the company. Which, frankly, I didn't bother to look into because I just figured no criminal record would turn up and it wasn't even clear if he was there, if he was one of the victims, etc.

In short; you just couldn't wait to post your lame little comment, could you?

Anonymous said...

to the coward who has ample reason to post anonymous; the killing happened in SOUTH MINNEAPOLIS asshole. The owner was of arab-israeli descent and you along with your mother can go to hell.

Anonymous said...

According to the Star and Tribune, the name of the shooter is Andrew Engeldinger. Now we are patiently waiting for the poster with the bigoted view to tell us who they are, and why they do not do society a favor and take their own life and that of the two people who are responsible for their personal existence.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to Partee's minor record.

The information on the anti-Johnny blog (or, for that matter, the MPLS Mirror) is not what I would consider trustworthy. At the time I was checking for Partee's record, MNCIS (or call it MPA, the public version of MNCIS if you prefer the wordy title) was down, down, down. That site has been having a LOT of problems lately and some of the notices they are posting have a frantic tone.

Unable to confirm the info according to my standards of trustworthiness, and not wanting to trust info on a blog that is known to be bizarre and untrustworthy (I don't have any doubt that the anti-Johnny blog would go so far as to post untrustworthy info just to see if I would unthinkingly repeat it) I wrote what I knew. That I could not confirm or deny that Partee had a record.

No credible media source was reporting Partree had a record and the anti-Johnny blog doesn't count as a credible source; it is a weird stalker blog, not a trustworthy source of info. I would get info from there about any issue of public importance as soon as I would get snacks and beverages from a man living under a bridge.

(Troll. Cough, cough)

Today MNCIS Public is working (Oh, I like that phrase "MNCIS Public) and now I can see a "driving after revocation" with a guilty plea. Lazar acted as his own attorney. He did two days of "sentence to service" in lieu of a fine of $117.

The actual incident which resulted in the revocation is not shown on MNCIS, leading me to suspect Partee has a record outside of Minnesota. Cook County, Illinois is probably the first place worth checking if it was worth checking. I'm just saying.

A conviction for public urination also turns up. Incredibly, this guy was fined a total of $128 and had a 30 day sentence hanging over his head. Though it was stayed.

And the system shows this guy was ON PROBATION for a year. Indeed, he was on probation until April 19 of next year! This seems like a lot for public urination unless you were a truly flagrant pisser whose actions bordered on exposure or disorderly conduct.

I would tend to think the Minnesota court had info about other convictions for Partree (certainly, at a minimum, whatever resulted in the driving license revocation) when they sentenced him.

In summary; and this is where the decent members of the general public can breathe easy, this looks to be a bus station confrontation of no account versus no account. I'm sure it's a tragedy to God, a tragedy to the members of Partee's family (whoever they are, wherever they are) and it SHOULD be a tragedy to the killer, but he's probably bragging and reenacting the stabbing over and over somewhere.

But it's not the kind of thing DECENT people need to concern themselves about unless they're standing at a bus stop and two no accounts start to get into a disagreement.

Anonymous said...

I believe Mr. Breauxsaus had a right to defend Himself. Score one for balancing the scales of justice.

Johnny Northside! said...

To the commenter at 10:09 AM. I will have to try that site when MNCIS is not working or as a parallel source of information.

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to the poster saying the shooting happened in South Minneapolis:

Bryn Mawr is in the Calhoun-Isles neighborhood grouping. This includes Uptown. Wikipedia calls it an "affluent" part of the city.

And yet, incredibly, NUMEROUS media sources said this shooting happened in "North Minneapolis." I am not conversant enough with "South Minneapolis" to say with authority whether Bryn Mawr is in SoMi.

One thing I know. It's not my neighborhood. And I have no compulsion to write about it. Except maybe a WTF post about why this somehow got tagged with the name of MY neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

For the other coward that also had ample reason to post anonymous as well.. it was not SOUTH MINNEAPOLIS pencil dick! May your grandparents rest in piss!

Anonymous said...

JNS says: "Which, frankly, I didn't bother to look into because I just figured no criminal record would turn up and it wasn't even clear if he was there, if he was one of the victims, etc"

Don't you usually conduct in depth criminal record checks on black victims and their families?

Johnny Northside! said...

The following is SUCH a ridiculous side note to this tragedy that happened at the bus stop. With little regard for the victim (although he may have died justifiably) and no regard to the issues of my neighborhood, Jim Watkins who lives in freaking TEXAS and more or less fled out of North Minneapolis like a fraidy-cat little BITCH some years ago continues to make this story his personal tree to lift his leg and piss upon.

Jim Watkins, who is the self-styled "Anti-Johnny" and lives Texas, posted a comment to this blog posting. Normally, I do not publish his comments nor I do not allow links back to his weird blog which is more or less devoted solely to trashing me, but I am copying the content of his comment and pasting it, like so:

(I don't have any doubt that the anti-Johnny blog would go so far as to post untrustworthy info just to see if I would unthinkingly repeat it)

Wow! You are as dumb as the day is long! You really think that is true? Let me tell you Hoffa, what I put on the blog is not to challenge you or to entice you. It is to let everyone know what a dangerous person you really are. You WILL finally have to face criminal charges before too long and I will be waiting to report it. You are in Texas now? Yet you say "I" am the stalker??? Yeah, see if you have the stones to post this! One way or another though, we shall meet very soon.

September 28, 2012 1:32 PM


To which I respond, Jim, you crazy and hyped up little man whose online identity is a mere slimy shadow of my own award winning, damn near nationally famous blog:

When I am out of town and I blog from somewhere else, I often make a point of mentioning where I am for two reasons:

1.) If a reporter is filing stories about Iraq from the roof of a hotel in Kuwait, he should reveal as much in the "Dateline" of the story. Though the information may be just as good, there is certainly an element of disconnect. In the spirit of the old Associated Press wire stories with "datelines," I often choose to reveal where I "filed" the story.

2.) Ah, the wonder of how the internet makes the world so small that I can and have written stories about my neighborhood from a mud, straw and goat shit qalat in Afghanistan. Sometimes I choose to celebrate that wonder by mentioning in what exotic places I happen to be, whether it's Dallas or wherever.

On a side note; some weeks ago you left a number of messages in comments on my blog along the lines of "Bitch, where are you" and "I know you're not at that piece of shit yellow house of yours" or words to that effect and (good lord) offering to have LUNCH when you were in Minneapolis.

Lunch with people like, you, Crazy Terry Yzaguirre and Don "Shakedown Blogger" Allen is an impossibility because you all violate social decency norms about not taping and recording without consent when two sides who disagree about something agree to sit down and parlay.

I am not stalking you. I merely happen to find myself in Texas. It's a VERY big state, as Texans just love to point out. Heck, I lived here and was a resident and registered voter from 1991 to 1994 so I certainly have a love for the state and I have connections here. I will be in Texas if I want doing whatever it is I am doing for as long as I feel like doing it.

Eating tacos, for one thing. You just can't get good barbacoa in Minnesota, at least not at fast food prices.

Oh, in regard to the documentation of Jim Watkins being a fraidy-cat little bitch. Here's a link to the story in question.

While on that site, be sure to click on the link to Jim's DFW Mentor site. It's been snapped up by (it appears) THE FREAKING CHINESE.

I know Don Allen is friendly with a bunch of internet savvy Chinese. Maybe he can help you, Jim.

Anonymous said...

the cross intersection with chestnut ave. west is penn ave. SOUTH go look for yourself and take your blind ass mother to help you bitch, case closed- SOUTHSIDE

Anonymous said...

MNCIS has been working fine for me all week, not a single problem. Maybe you need to clear your cache of something. Maybe stop making excuses for your incompetence.

Johnny Northside! said...

Clearly, then, you haven't been using it all week or you would have been aware of the messages posted on the site (some with an oddly frantic tone) about issues the site was having.

Also, unlike mainstream media who often seem to feign omniscience with their coverage, (if they didn't tell us something, it wasn't worth telling? Or they actually didn't KNOW?) bloggers make a point of admitting the holes and limitations in their information. This allows participatory responses by readers who may have an ability to fill in those holes and gaps.

Thank you for your stupid and carping little comment which has allowed me to pontificate in this way. You may return to your regularly scheduled vile dribble.

Johnny Northside! said...

I received a comment that's anonymous but I have a pretty good idea who it is from. Most of the comment mentions my family and friends in a negative way, so I'm not publishing it, but I am publishing these two sentences:


I think that John Hoff's post at 2:20 shows who the real stalker/sociopath is. John, feel free to look up old blogs Jim has posted and attach your retaliatory comments to those articles.


The commenter is referencing the fact that I, John Hoff, went to an article Jim Watkins wrote called Bullets In The Stucco in which he explained, more or less, why he's a little bitch who ran away from North Minneapolis with his tail between his legs after a non-fatal incident where bullets were fired. And I attached a comment on that article saying, well, here's what Jim's up to THESE days. Being all weird. Writing a blog that's dedicated to trashing one guy; a guy who didn't run from North Minneapolis like a Jim himself.

(Little bitch! Cough cough)

But as far as going to various articles Jim has written on that particular site and attaching relevant comments about what he's up to these days. Hmmmm. Sometimes great ideas come from the smallest of minds.

Here's the article in question with the comments. Readers can judge these matters for themselves.

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, since my comment is still "awaiting moderation" I guess I should post it here in case it never gets posted.

John Hoff September 28, 2012 at 1:26 pm
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Check out the link to Jim’s DFW Mentor site. It’s now completely in Chinese. Looks like he didn’t hang on to the URL.
What IS Jim doing? He runs a weird, slimy stalker blog called The Misadventures of Johnny Northside dedicated to trashing a guy (me) who isn’t afraid to live in North Minneapolis, is trying to make the neighborhood better, and doesn’t run away like a little fraidy cat when the going gets tough.

King Troll said...

King Troll is not Watkins.
Just shows what a nit wit you are.

Anonymous said...

The 1:32 and 2:20 posts are bizarre

Johnny Northside! said...

To the previous poster; maybe you just don't know the history behind the conversation.

To the poster on top of the previous poster:

"Nitwit" is one word, not two.

Like so: