Saturday, September 8, 2012

Neighbors "Will Watch, Will Call" If Fence Theft Continues At 2827 Lyndale Ave. N.

Contributed photos, blog post by John Hoff

A Northside resident sent me an email with photos and asked me to pass on the following message to somebody trying to steal chain link fence at 2827 Lyndale Avenue North...

Hey Johnny Northside, please post this message with photos on your blog.

Last year many of us had our air conditioning condenser units stolen by ne'er-do-well knuckle heads. Now some idiots think they have the right to remove chain link fencing from private property for their own gain.

The property at 2827 Lyndale Avenue North has been abandoned and now the fence thieves feel free to remove the chain link fencing for their own monetary gain. We are watching you, fence thieves, and we will not tolerate your illegal activities in our part of North Minneapolis. We watch, and we will call the police should you decide to return to complete your removal of private property.

Besides the photo at the top of this blog post, the email contains the following photos.

The property in question is owned by an "Angel Perez," listed at the same address. Perez supposedly paid $210,000 for the property in 2002. The previous owner was Jennifer I. Bowman, who had purchased the property only 9 months earlier for $177,400.

Angel A. Perez was also listed as the contact for the rental license, and listed an address of 2544 Quincy St. NE in Minneapolis. The property was cited for lack of maintenance on March 7 of this year.

Anybody who knows anything else, please comment.


Anonymous said...

Too bad this won't be investigated. It was recently confirmed on North Talk that MPD will not investigate misdemeanor crimes over north.

Anonymous said...

Prior to April 2012, families were living on the first floor, on the second floor, and in the attic. According to one of the people living there in March, "A lady upstairs complained to the city housing inspector about some building 'problems'." The housing inspector notified the caretaker about the "problems" and informed the caretaker to fix the "problems" by a certain date. The owner, Angle Perez, either moved or was deported to Mexico about three years ago. The caretaker has been collecting rent all that time. The repairs were too "expensive" to be completed. And since the property is not the caretakers, he refuses to do the required repair work. The renters were made to vacate the building and the last family to leave left in June of this year. The city has been contracting with someone to mow the lawn. The building is now vacant. That is about all I know at this time.

Unknown said...

the thieves are not literate.

Johnny Northside! said...

A spammer submitted a comment about what makes a good fence. The comment appears to be specifically written for this blog and might even be called "substantive."

However, this blog is evolving along with the spammers. I don't CARE if your comment is substantive and written specifically for my blog. I am not here to provide you free advertising, which is ALL YOU ARE AFTER, you could give a damn about commenting on these blog postings.

If you want me to provide a link to your product, here's how it works. You email me. You offer me money. I will post the link and INFORM MY READERS it was a paid link. But you aren't allowed to spam my site.