Thursday, September 6, 2012

Waiting For The Other Bankrupt Shoe To Drop With Paul "One Man Housing Crisis" Koenig...

Paul Koenig, from Facebook, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism with extra cheese, blog post by John Hoff

Today, while on the federal courts PACER system to see if attorney Jill Clark was having her recent crazy filings accepted by any court worthy to call itself such, I thought, hey, what's up with Paul Koenig the one man housing crisis? He's in hot water in his bankruptcy proceeding; is there anything new with that on the PACER system?


The most significant action in that case happened back in early July, as Jeff Skrenes blogged about during that time. An order for compliance was issued by the judge in the bankruptcy proceedings for compliance with a subpoena; which seems like a case of putting a horse before a cart and then hooking up another horse because the first horse isn't pulling. I mean, doesn't a subpoena necessitate compliance by its very nature?

Anyway, here is a PDF of the document ordering compliance. Maybe sometime I should just put ALL the Koenig bankruptcy documents online. But then it occurs to me...geez, I could get the TJ Waconia criminal documents like this. All of them.

I could put all those documents online just for the heck of it (first) and because, old as they are, they're still pretty informative and that case has always been a subject of fascination for this blogger (second) and I already clicked on them in PACER, so that's like 10 cents or something, so (third) I might as well make use of the documents I paid chicken feed for.

Yeah, putting all the TJ Waconia documents online seems like a good idea.

Heh heh. 


Anonymous said...

Great, you can afford to buy Pacer documents, but you don't bother to pay your property taxes.
Property taxes which are severely needed to support the City of Minneapolis where you live.
Guess you really DO NOT care about your community.

Johnny Northside! said...

You are mistaken. My property taxes are all paid up. Guess you don't really care about, gee, FACTUAL INFORMATION FOR THE COMMUNITY.