Thursday, September 13, 2012

Residents Complaining Of (Suspected) Drug Activity At Two Northside Addressess...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

On the influential and popular North Talk Facebook page, residents are complaining of suspected drug activity at two Northside addresses; 4610 Emerson Ave. N. and 4635 Emerson Ave. N.

Residents suspect drugs are SOLD from 4610 and PURCHASED at 4635. How residents can make such fine-tuned distinctions is the first question I asked myself, but then I quickly realized the answer. Whatever they're seeing, they're seeing A LOT of it...

Decent people living near the properties in question report being harassed when recently taking pictures of the "blue moon" celestial phenomenon. WHY ARE YOU TAKING PICTURES OF US, the crappy and thuggy people wanted to know, with many choice expletives in front of young children.

The property at 4610 is owned by Lawrence and Susan Jacobson at 3210 145th St. W. in the lovely southern suburb of Rosemount, MN. They also own 3319 Humboldt Ave. N. and are believed to own at least two more addresses in North Minneapolis.

When approached about the problems concerning his dirtbag tenants, in typical slumlord fashion Jacobsen asked where his should tenants GO? There is, of course, an answer to this question and it starts with Chicago, makes its way through jail, and ends up either in "straighten up and fly right" or "the cold hard grave," take your pick.

One dark horse candidate is "who gives an (expletive)." Of course, inevitably some wag will suggest the slumlord take the tenants into his own house and his own affluent neighborhood, if he likes the tenants so much. Slumlords who harbor (suspected) criminals will be called out on this blog but, increasingly, the discussion starts in OTHER social media such as the North Talk forum.

While it is mere blogger hackwork to take discussions from North Talk and summarize those discussions here, this blogger continues to see occasional necessity in that kind of thing and, besides, picking through a lot of pointless discussions to find "information gemstones" is really not THAT much different than scouring the jail roster. Though Jeff Skrenes, the founder of the North Talk Facebook forum has an extreme personal pet peeve with the phrase "it is what it is," sometimes that's EXACTLY what it is.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget 1417 Dowling

Ray said...

Makes me want to go take thug fashion photos all up in their FACE.
Why am I taking pictures of you? I'm taking a photo of the moon you jackass, but if you'd like me to take photos of you, I'll have to switch my camera out of VIDEO MODE, which I started immediately after you started getting sassy with me.
On second thought, this is blackmail and you'll have to pay me all your drug money not to publish your "Northside Story"... PSYCH! You're busted. Fear my camera!