Tuesday, September 4, 2012

(Revised Post) "Internet Outcry" Trend Is Taking Hold In North Minneapolis Against Jacked Up Properties Like 2715 Russell Ave. N., Owned By Proton Investments, Inc.

Contributed photo from Linda Chisholm, blog post by John Hoff

JNS blog notes: The photos depicted in a previous version of this blog post were not loading in some browsers, a technical matter caused by a non-standard way I loaded the photos into the blog post by copying and pasting an entire email. So I have reproduced the blog post, (with no stock photo at the top, just one of the contributed photos) and I will be putting the comments at the end. 

Thanks to readers for alerting me to this technical issue and take a good look at the pictures of this jacked up Proton Investments, Inc. property, I worked hard to bring them to you. 

A trend of public outcry against jacked up buildings appears to be taking place lately in North Minneapolis, with participants in the North Talk Facebook page publishing photos of property gripes as small as, for example, an old tire being used as a barrier around a rose bush. Increasingly less afraid of threats or retaliation, residents are making these complaints openly and in their own names.

This is a very notable trend that bodes well for the continuing turnaround of North Minneapolis, long though the struggle may be ahead of us. Recently, one resident went so far as to forward her complaints to this blog as a kind of "more effective recourse" than 311.

Here is her complaint, as follows...

Hi John,

I filed a complaint via 311 on 2715 Russell Ave N. Please see the attached pictures. The mess in the yard has finally reached the point where I felt the City would take notice; unfortunately I could find no link on the report page where I could attach photos, so I am sending them to you instead.

The neglected condition of the home is also evident in the close-up photo of the back stoop area (busted window held up by a wooden block, also what appears to be bend and broken horizontal blinds in the same window, dented awning over the filthy back door, and sketchy-looking wiring on either side of the door entering the basement windows.

The yard, while there is some leaf litter, is strewn with small wrappers of garbage, cans and piles of broken toys. The mess is also creeping over the fence, like the child's gate and other clothing, into the back alley where full garbage cans are left open (cans not in photos). You can see the clothing is also draped on the front fence facing Russell.

This property is allegedly managed by an investment/rental company, yet there is no indication anyone is keeping up the place or instituting any sort of rule regarding yard cleanliness. Many homeowners on both Sheridan and Russell are putting a lot of effort into keeping their yards presentable. No one here has unreasonable expectations--yard projects take time to install when working on your own time and dime, and not everyone has the budget or means to do much more than keep the grass controlled and pull the Cheetos bags out of the bushes--but properties like this one are an eyesore that can be prevented with the smallest modicum of responsibility and oversight by the landlord.

Please print whatever you are interested in, including my name. (Boldface emphasis by Johnny Northside)

If Proton has questions, they can call me and explain why they feel this squalor is an acceptable living situation for an obviously revitalizing area in North Minneapolis.

(JNS blog notes: "Proton" refers to Pronton Investments, Inc.)

Thank you,
Linda Chisholm


Johnny Northside! said...

Comments left on this blog post before technical revision were as follows.


Anonymous said...
Your picture links are broken.

September 4, 2012 12:35 PM
Anonymous said...
Is that Lenny's wife?

September 4, 2012 1:07 PM
Sue Jacobson said...
Hi I just read something on the council pages of the City Of Minneapolis web, that the city settled with Mahmoud Khan of his many assessments. He WON! So there you go....

September 4, 2012 1:33 PM
Johnny Northside! said...
Can you post a link to what it is you're referring to?

In regard to broken picture links and the first poster, I can see the pictures just fine and there's only one link; that's the link to the city property website. So not sure what you mean.

September 4, 2012 1:40 PM
Johnny Northside! said...
Never mind, this is what you mean, dated August 28.

City Attorney

1. Legal Settlement:
Authorize settlement of Mahmoud Khan v. City of Minneapolis (Consolidated Assessment Appeal), relating to withdrawal of special assessments levied against 3420 Chicago Ave S, 3557 Dupont Ave N, 2531 Newton Ave N, 4000 Dupont Ave N, and 2906 Emerson Ave N.

Staff Report: Khan v. City of Minneapolis-RCA
Action Taken: Approved

I will look into it and seek further info.

September 4, 2012 1:42 PM
Anonymous said...
Pictures still don't show.

September 4, 2012 4:50 PM
Anonymous said...
I cannot see the posted pictures either. All I see are small little white boxes where I presume the pictures were intended to be posted.

September 4, 2012 5:08 PM

Anonymous said...

There seems to a pattern that i recognize from living in Illinois. I believe that you guys are taking the right steps in preventing this beautiful area from becoming another slum zone catering to the whims of tenement landlords.

Linda Chisholm said...

Thanks for posting the photos. I just received an email from 311 stating the following: "Using a fence and/or clothesline for drying wash is not a violation of city ordinance. This would be a civil matter between the neighboring property owners".

I still fail to understand how drying clothing on dedicated clothesline inside the property is the same as dumping clothing all over a perimeter fence. Am I really a lunatic for not wanting to see this mess everyday? Secondarily, does this mean I can hoist bras, underwear, jockstraps, etc., all around our property and claim it is a reasonable way to dry laundry?? I'm sure if this property was in view of a city council member's home there would be such an ordinance.

Anonymous said...

That is some ghetto shit right there!

Johnny Northside! said...

A racist comment has been rejected.

Neicy said...

Do you reject any comment you don't agree with?! Or something that will make you think too hard..?!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the perseverance of CM Johnson's office, there is now a clothesline installed in the backyard. Chalk one up for common sense.