Thursday, March 31, 2011

Level Three Sex Offender Stanley Warren Burch (Permanent Public Forum Blog Post, Collect 'Em All!)

Doc mug shot, therefore in the public domain, blog post by John Hoff

Some months ago this blog vowed to create "permanent public forum blog posts" about individual sex offenders residing in North Minneapolis, so any citizen who wanted to discuss the particular offender would have a forum to do so. It was frustration with the Department of Corrections that made me throw myself into that project: they listed a homeless sex offender as residing at an intersection that doesn't even EXIST.

Of course, when I look up that Level Three sex offender today, the same nonexistent "Plymouth and Broadway" location is still listed. This is how deaf-dumb-and-numb DOC is to our concerns. It is this unresponsiveness by DOC that led me to start collecting and aggregating information about all the Level Three sex offenders, and vowing to publish their specific addresses if I could get my hands on the information. There's no law against it.

I also wanted to create these public blog forums so any citizen who wanted to take the time to research individual sex offenders and post links to information would have a convenient and permanent forum to do so. Frankly, I find that kind of informative digging to be addictive. I mean, here's all this information scattered around the internet in various places...but by hunting it down, putting it in one convenient place, the data becomes "aggregated" and therefore more valuable and convenient.

These offenders also change their appearance, leading DOC to take down old mug shots and put up new ones. Preserving the old mug shots and making sure these photos don't disappear off the internet is valuable. In fact, some of these predators drop off the DOC website altogether when they complete their supervised release. Junaid Maalik comes to mind as an example. Preserving the information the Department of Corrections puts on its website is another public service.


These "sex offender forum" blog posts have not proved popular like my "jailhouse roster" posts. You would think SOMEBODY would have a personal beef with these predators, and would take the time to dig up information and post it. But that doesn't seem to be the case. If anybody is going to dig up the info and post it on these forums, it's either going to be ME or somebody I put up to the task.


Yeah, that gives me an idea, click here.

But let us circle back to the topic of Stanely Warren Burch.

Here's all his DOC profile information, right off their site:

Birth Date:12/23/1953
Hair Color:BLACK
Eye Color:BROWN
OID: 101571
Supervising Agent: Robert Dustin
Release Date: 11/1/2010
Offense Statute(s): 609.342
Offense Information:
Offender ahs a history of sexual contact and attempted sexual contact with adult female victims. Contact has included undressing victims and penetration. Offender has gained compliance through use of weapons and physical force. Offender was both known and not known to victims.
Address County: Hennepin
Registered Address: 1400 block of Vincent Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55411
Law Enforcement Agency: Minneapolis Police Department

Additionally, I located a court case, click here.

As I've found is often the case, the sex offender has appealed over some minor b.s., and lost that appeal, but managed to effectively create a permanent, easy-to-find internet record discussing some of the graphic specifics of their crimes. In this case, we learn Stanley Burch was tried for first and second degree attempted murder, as well as first degree assault. What did he actually DO, you are wondering?

He threw sulphuric acid on a woman, then "beat her and cut her with a knife."

And this is another of the sex offenders the Department of Corrections has dumped on North Minneapolis. This is why we're protesting. Tonight.

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Johnny Northside! said...

STrib article from March 15. A proposal to lock 'em away and throw away the key.