Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hawthorne Hawkman Finds a Special Someone

Guest post by the Hawthorne Hawkman. Image from

Up until this past spring, I had spent the previous ten years or so of my life in a dedicated and fulfilling relationship. It seemed like whenever I called, this person was there for me, and always knew exactly what I needed. For some reason, we began to grow apart. Even though this other person moved on, I always believed there was someone else out there for me.

Well today I am thrilled to announce to the whole world that I have found...

...a new mechanic. What, did people really think I meant something else? Nope, at the time of this post, the Hawkman is still single, and has, as this blog previously reported, lips that are "quite kissable."

All kidding aside, when you find a good, honest mechanic, you latch on to that person and never, ever leave their side. If they move their business across town, follow them. Across the country? It's still worth it to relocate your job, wife, children, etc. If they decide to become a monk, join the monastery too.

(Actually this last one makes a fair amount of sense. A mechanic who has taken a vow of poverty would probably charge VERY reasonable rates.)

I had a mechanic at Palmer's Automotive, formerly located at 500 6th St N, and his name was Tony. Even before I was in NoMi, I was coming to the northside for car repairs. Palmer was an older guy who owned the place, and Tony was his lead mechanic. He eventually sold the business to Tony, and then Tony relocated earlier this year.

The odd part is that in spite of being a loyal customer for almost ten years, I never once figured out if "Palmer" was a first or last name, nor did I get Tony's last name. But the only times I have ever had any disputes with either of them about price, I actually insisted on paying MORE. When have you EVER gotten into an argument with your mechanic about him undercharging you? Tony was looking at sites around Penn and Lowry, so if anybody knows of a new Laotian mechanic named Tony in that area, please let me know.

In the meantime, I had a minor fender-bender (on election day, no less. I STILL got out and worked at the polls before declaring a winner in key races.) and went looking for a place to fix up The Hawkmobile.

I had always seen Vina Auto on 26th and Emerson, but never used their services. The Hawkmobile (someone called it the Hawkmanmobile, but that sounds too cumbersome) is ten years old and not worth signficiant repairs after a major wreck. Granted, this was a very minor collision, but I needed a place that did good work for little money, and I found it.

And the best part of all is that this place is IN HAWTHORNE! They do body work and regular automotive repairs, and the price and quality are both AMAZING. Yes, the Hawthorne Hawkman is happy.


veg*nation said...

Don made our block safe by sticking with us until we plowed uncle bill's under. and he'll stick with these residents, too. that's why we need him in the city council--he follows through until the job is done.

JordanProud said...

Yeah Palmer's was a great place with INCREDIBLE prices. My family had been going there for years, but I had no idea he's gone, that sucks. You should post something if you here where he's at now (I got some car issues). Last winter I talked to Tony, and his teen daughter was dying (now dead, RIP) in the hospital. Tony was going completely broke without insurance because the daughter was in the hospital for at least a month. That may account for why he left...?