Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pete The Pedophile's Latest Obsession: Church Parking Lot Dispute...

Last time this blog heard about Peter Richard Stephenson, a.k.a. Peter Rickmyer, a.k.a. Pete The Pedophile, he was being cuffed, stuffed and hauled away downtown, with exclusive video posted on this blog. (See video above)

Well, Peter got released from confinement (unfortunately) and is back to his same annoying tricks, filing a grievance of sorts with the much-put-upon JACC board. Peter occasionally haunts their meetings like the Ghost of Pedophile Past. In any case...

Recently, Peter filed some kind of letter or grievance with JACC, which gets into some obscure and arcane issues about a church parking lot and a developer, plus internal JACC politics. The issues Peter is raising are really too boring for words, so I won't get into that. If you want to read the documents filed by Pete, click here and look the stuff over on the Johnny Northside PDF support site.

My concerns have more to do with Pete himself, specifically:

What's the deal? Why is Pete showing his rancid, minor-molesting, rotting hide around JACC meetings again? Hasn't Pete learned his lesson after his last episode of sticking his nose into JACC business?

Second, due to his status as a Level 3 Sex Offender, Pete isn't allowed to touch a computer, be on a computer, write things on a computer, etc. YET THIS DOCUMENT WAS OBVIOUSLY WORD PROCESSED and includes a print-out of an email, which obviously originated on the internet. I suspect somebody will be having a talk with Peter's probation officer/case manager/pedophile zoo keeper/whatever on Monday morning, so Pete might want to be sure to enjoy the weekend.

Third, it is strongly suspected by more than one person in the Jordan Neighborhood that Pete didn't come up with this stupid stuff on his own, but rather Pete is being used as somebody's mouthpiece. But who? Hmmmmmmmmmm. 

One commenter on this blog suggested Pete would make a great underground comic book character. Yes, on the one hand it's great to have Pete back on the blog doing his colorful, stupid stuff to keep readership high. On the other hand...why are we going through this again? If Pete had a brain in his head, he'd keep a low profile and keep his nose out of JACC business.

But Pete obviously has a screw loose and can't stop himself from acting on temptations and urges. For that reason, Pete should be locked away for life before he molests again. One day, I just know I'll be linking back to this very post and saying "I told you so." Until that day, well, here's a little musical interlude, click here.

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Johnny Northside said...

New, highly relevant information about Peter's internet access comes in an email from his case manager, as follows:
Peter is allowed access to the internet on Wednesday afternoons and is supervised by staff at the Amicus programs. They are making sure he is not going into any inappropriate sites. If you would like to discuss this matter further, please feel free to contact me by phone.

Bobbie Chevalier-Jones
Hennepin County ISR Agent
2600 E 25th Street
Mpls., MN 55406
612-596-0504 Office
612-728-8951 Fax