Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hawkman Senses Are Tingling!

Guest post and photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman

First off, I came across this amazing figurine pictured above. I'm sure it will be making regular occurrences on this blog. This isn't some lame imitation Hawkman, it's the real thing. (Okay, so pretty much all cartoons from that era weren't so hot.)

After procuring this find and returning from several evening meetings, there were things that set off my finely-tuned Hawkman senses...

First was this:

Let it be known, raking all of your leaves into the street is illegal. It's bad for our rivers and lakes, and it takes advantage of those who have followed the rules. Some may ask if we don't have anything better to do than to watch minor things like this. My take is that we call in the minor things specifically to create a culture where the bigger issues aren't tolerated either. People are less likely to be dealing drugs on a street where it's widely known that even the smallest infractions are taken seriously.

The address of this property is 912 30th Ave N, and if I'm posting about a specific place you can bet I made sure it was reported to 311. Hmm...and it appears to be a rental property with no license. I'll have to check more closely before reporting that. But if that is the case, see what happens when minor rules aren't followed? You get on the radar screen for the bigger stuff too.

As I was walking around, I noticed another troubling sight. This rusty brown truck was parked on Colfax between 30th and 31st Ave N.

This is the kind of truck that practically screams, "I'll be dumping these tires behind some vacant house at 3 a.m." I remember hearing stories from long-time Hawthorne residents about how they'd see trucks like this or local auto shops with piles of tires on the night before the annual Clean Sweep. Then they'd spray-paint the tires to see if anyone dumped them to be picked up by unsuspecting volunteers for free the next day. Here's the license plate of this truck, in case we do find a pile of tires somewhere in the next day or two:

You know what I want? We watch, we call T-SHIRTS.

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