Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Fun "Knocking Down Signs" Video In The Hawthorne Neighborhood...

So here's more video! Knocking down signs placed illegally on utility poles, careful not to make a loud gunshot-like sound and set off the shot spotter!

(Do not click "Read More")

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Anonymous said...

The shot spotter is a great tool. we've gotten a lot of guns and solid pinches because of the shot spotter. That being said, it is often wrong... I've been on "firecracker" calls where people were shot, and "gun shots" where we've seen the fireworks shooting into the sky.

When "shot spotter" goes off, dispatch needs to verify it with the human element. Thus, it has a double element of failure, no cheap shot against dispatch...

That being said, we really do rely on citizens calling in gunshots. They are often a minute ahead of the shotspotter. Imagine how far away a person shooting from a car can get in a minute??? Keep calling!

I like to tell people, "if you're wondering hey should I call the cops or not?" THAT IS THE TIME TO CALL! If there is a question, there is no question. Call 911! at the very worst, you'll get a squad rolling through your neighborhood.
-just a cop