Monday, November 23, 2009

Adapting And Overcoming, Securing North Minneapolis...

Photo By John Hoff, apologies for quality of photo

For months, a friend of mine has worried that a building near her house might harbor a crackhead squatter inside the garage. What set off her alarm bells was a hole, about the size of a tea saucer, cut into the gray board covering the door aperture. That hole just LOOKS like something made by a squatter to serve as a peep hole.

So every time we'd be driving by, she'd point out the property, and I'd say something like, "Well...

...Let me go over there and check it out!" I mean, that's the kind of thing I do, after all. For that matter, it's the kind of thing Jeff Skrenes does in his role as Hawthorne Housing Director. But my friend was always afraid I would be, oh I don't know, stabbed by a crackhead or something.

The other day while I was collecting unwanted "We Buy Houses" signs with my son, Alex, I came upon the building and remembered that thing about the garage. Prudently telling my son to STAY BACK, I checked out the garage, sticking my face near the dark hole cut in the door and sniffing for squatters. (Seriously, one of the best ways to detect squatters in an empty house, versus a house that is merely messed up and full of rotting food, is to use your nose)

I didn't smell any squatters, but it was impossible to see inside the garage. I didn't have a flashlight--this was daylight, after all--but then I remembered the flash on my camera. (Well, it's actually my friend's camera, the same friend who was worried about the squatter)

So I stuck the camera lens inside the hole and took a photo with the flash. I checked the photo and discovered the garage was completely empty, no sign of squatters.

Heck, all the same SOMEBODY should nail a board over that hole, to keep the weather out if nothing else.

(Blogging from the Holiday Inn, Alexandria, Minnesota)


MikeT said...

Speaking of squatters; here are some things worth a story...

1) What is going on at the Old Bean Scene? Trucks seen working there. Are they gutting it for demolition, or is somebody moving in?

2) What's the scoop on the rib joint/soul food place opening at Delisi's? The sign says there will be Sunday brunch there, too? Is this a serious business, or one of those places that will be closed in two months? WE NEED RIBS!

MeganG. said...

@ Mike T - I don't know much about the restaurant at the Five Points building (old Delisi's) but there are some in-the-know people reading this blog - anybody care to fill us in?

But regarding the old Bean Scene - I think I have heard that some kind of 'wings' restaurant is going in there. It may be the one called "Wings-n-Things" - to which my response is: great(sarcasm font)... more of the same ol' same ol' sterotypical, unhealthy fried food that we already HAVE on WBro. Sigh.

Hillside Chronicle said...

Yeah Megan, I heard the same thing about the "Wings-n-Things"...or more specifically, that a "Bean Scene" does not operate as a business in the Jordan Neighborhood any more...only on “WBro.” (I love that abbreviation!)

M. Clinton said...

"Wings N Things?" Really? C'mon. W Bro (love that too) is already nothing but Wings N Things. This does not fit an unmet need in the community at all. I believe there is a market that is hungry (no pun intended) for something different - something better. It is just that W Bro is being stereotyped and the assumption is that W Bro will only support "certain kinds" of businesses and that bar is very low. I disagree. W Bro can do better. W Bro deserves better. There is a whole population Over North who go outside of the neighborhood on a consistent basis to access more quality amenities. I believe this population will jump at the chance to support whoever is brave enough to stick their necks out and deliver something different. And we need to continue to voice and advocate for that in order for entrepreneurs to be aware this market demand exists.

Anonymous said...

I know wings n things is supposed to open across the street next to the music studio/ whatever and i heard that there is suposed to be a family style restaurant.

T Jaramillo

MikeT said...

Please don't let it be these guys -->
It looks like they are CA based, but it could be they are trying to get their oily hooks into the vascular system of unsuspecting Minnesotans. Just the thought makes me lethargic and wheezy.

If we are going to go the franchise route in that location, how about a Good Earth®?

An Irish Pub would be nice, too. It is said that malt vinegar, salt, and Guinness negate the transfats in fish and chips.