Saturday, November 28, 2009

David Wheeler (Last Man Standing In The November 2009 Elections)

Photos by John Hoff

Twice in the last couple weeks I've run into David Wheeler, who ran for the Board of Estimate and Taxation. (No, please don't stop reading at this point! I WILL TRY SO HARD TO MAKE THIS FUN AND SHORT AND AVOID THE LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS AMONG MY READERS!)

When the votes were counted and then counted on a second round under the new IRV system, a few of the election races had more priority than others. The city council race in the Fifth Ward had "second round" votes counted ahead of the other races and, reportedly, a loud cheer arose from the room when city election officials realized they wouldn't have to deal with four years of Natalie Johnson-Lee, THANK GOD. Some thought IRV might spell the end for Don Samuels. Instead, he became the first Minneapolis official to WIN through IRV.

Also, the Barb Johnson race was another nail biter.

But what about the Board of Estimate and Taxation?

That race was counted last. So, of course, somebody had to be the last of the last...

Well, that guy was David Wheeler, a surprisingly fun and affable guy who was seen at the Don Samuels victory party held at Club Jager and, just recently, had his own victory party at the Monte Carlo Bar and Restaurant. Due to how late the votes were counted, Wheeler dubbed himself the "last man standing."

To which I say, well, that's far too exciting a phrase for the office Wheeler just one.

How about "last man estimating?"

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