Monday, November 23, 2009

So-Low, Your Friendly Local Supplier Of Loin...

Photos and post by John Hoff

Regular readers are aware of my great enthusiasm for the So-Low store at Lowry and Emerson Ave. N., where you can get (oh my word!) brie cheese for a buck.

Recently, a friend of mine purchased a pork loin there for $1.87 and used the ultra-affordable loin-age to make a wonderful meal. I'm pretty sure that was the night we planted the "We Watch, We Call" sign in the window box, right where the Don Samuels sign used to be.

I mean, what do we want? What does ANYBODY want?

To eat our pork loin in peace and safety. It's not so much to ask and, luckily, our public officials such as Don Samuels are delivering tangible progress. Wonderful old homes are being snapped up in NoMi and the neighborhood is rapidly transforming, but we still have colorful, character-filled treasures like the So-Low store.

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Ranty said...

I adore So-Low.

(Though in the interest of full disclosure, the brie is typically over-ripe.)

But there's ample, lovely, totally-edible chevre.

And (sometimes) Greek yogurt.

And (sometimes) organic milk/eggs.

And Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

And gorgeous BACON.

And a diverse selection of various ethnic items you'll never find at a regular grocery store. (Huge bags of cardamom, for example?!?)


The staff have always been super-friendly, AND they have bag-boys that take your stuff out to your car.


MeganG. said...

@Ranty - I know!! I could not believe that not only was someone bagging my groceries (that I was STEALING) but then he walked them out to my car and placed them in the trunk!!! Old School!

Anonymous said...

So I need to ask - how is safety/security at So Low? Before the Lowry reconstruction that intersection could be a little creepy, but it seems much quieter since then. I hate to sound paranoid, but as a single female, it's an issue I take seriously, and so far I have not regretted it.


MeganG. said...

@AKL - I hear ya, I'm single female and try to be very careful and alert. I wouldn't go walking around Lowry/Emerson by myself, perhaps with others or with my dog.

But going in to the SoLow parking lot I felt fine, plus on the way out, you might get a bagboy escort, so double bonus.

Plus, the more people that go - the safer it will be, right? Safety in numbers? The creeps and crooks NEED places to be desolate and creepy in order to survive.

Ranty said...

@AKL I'm a single female too, and I have never-ever-ever had a problem.

I mean, it *might* not be the best place to be alone at midnight, I'll give you that. But, they're not open then anyway, so that's why.

As Megan said:

Bagboy escort to your car. That rocks. (And they're usually super-cute and sweet...)

I say give it a try. Do so in daylight, to feel more comfortable, if that helps.

BTW My roommate's sister lives in Chaska and she's remarked that her fave thing about coming here is having a chance to run through So-Low.

Anonymous said...

I work at night, when the store is closed. But I know they do have armed private security on site (in plain cloths).
-just a cop