Sunday, November 29, 2009

Notorious "Brown House" At 2651 Logan Gets Boarded...

Photo By John Hoff

Yesterday, the notorious "brown house" at 2651 Logan Ave. N. was boarded up by a contractor. This house has been the subject of repeated police raids and at least one other boarding effort. When there was a shooting near 2700 Morgan Ave. N., residents immediately pointed fingers at the brown house and called for action from public officials, including Don Samuels.

It appears these public officials have acted and--measured by government standards--with amazing speed. THANK YOU, MINNEAPOLIS PUBLIC OFFICIALS!

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Anonymous said...

the top right window had it's board kicked in. I noticed this on Sunday. Has anyone called 311?

T.J. said...

they were back on monday and specifically boarding up the window mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I didn't specifically notice that window last night, but did notice it was "pushed out" last week. (when it was still "legally" inhabitated).

I drove by the house at approximately 0300 hours on 12/01 and was happy to see the lower level was completely boarded up.

This house has been a problem for a long, long time.
-just a cop

Anonymous said...

I worked the 421 car last night... (12/03)... foot traffic in the area was down. As a beat copper, that makes us a bit nervous; if the "fallen angels" are not on the usual corners, then where are they?

There has been a noticable increase of foot traffic along Broadway and Lowry in the early am hours. But I know the Directed Patrol unit (Inspector Martin's Shock Troops) are aggressively working the area...
-just a cop