Sunday, November 29, 2009

Photographic After Party, Peace Ball, Photos By Pat Carney...

Photo by Pat Carney

Pat Carney--a marketing guru whose office is based in North Minneapolis--took some amazing photos at the Peace Ball and tossed the photos on his website. And, yes, he told me about this a while back and sent a link by email, click here, but I was driving all over the country, picking up cargo, letting my email build up like barnacles on the hull of an electronic ship.


This photo is my favorite. Here, former city council president Jackie Cherryhomes makes a mockery of the "puppet master" image which was promulgated during the unsuccessful campaign against Council Member Don Samuels, a cartoony visual assertion that Jackie Cherryhomes was somehow "pulling the strings" of Don Samuels.

You know, crude cartoons and whisper campaigns may work at the student government level, but in elections run by grown-ups that kind of thing doesn't get you very far. I'm just saying.

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