Friday, November 13, 2009

Peace Foundation Ball Photographic After Party...

Photos And Blog Post By John Hoff
Tonight's official and final election results in Ward 5 have declared incumbent Don Samuels the victor, and Johnny Northside blog was there as Samuels gave a speech at Club Jager, which was packed with supporters.

Video and photos of that event are in the pipeline, but in the meantime I thought it would be fun to share a backlog of photos from the Peace Foundation Ball, founded by (among others) Don Samuels. In the top photo...

The best dressed man at the Peace Foundation was, arguably, Sherman Patterson, pictured with his wife, Sandy, who is known for running a snack wagon which is often parked in front of Cub Foods on West Broadway. The food is affordable, delicious, and officially endorsed by this blog.

Next up on the fashion runway, Officer Mike Kirchen of the famous "Bike Cops For Kids" shows off an injury he received

Well, the fact is the injury came from some common, ordinary bonk with a household object, and not from chasing a bank robber or anything like that. Kirchen said he'd like to have a better story about the origin of the boo-boo, but that just wouldn't be the truth-truth.

You're still a hero, Officer Mike.

Below, Terry Egge of the Pohlad Family Foundation, pictured (top photo) with former JACC Chair (New Majority) Kip Browne, and (bottom photo) with her husband.

Below, Jeff Skrenes, the Housing Director of the Hawthorne Neighborhood, with Third Ward City Council Member Diane Hofstede.

Below, "campaign super volunteer" Megan Goodmundson with Sondra Samuels. Once again, Megan helped deliver victory to Don Samuels in Ward 5.

The Peace Foundation Ball featured a silent auction, including such items as a large basket of food from Local D'Lish, which is owned by Jordan resident Ann Yin. All of the items at the auction were--shall I say?--"too rich for my blood." As much as I'd like to, for example, pay about a grand to have dinner with Mayor Rybak, I was definitely seeking some some lower-end items in the ten to twenty buck range. Though I had money just burning a hole in my pocket there was NOTHING at the silent auction which was in my modest price range. This is my sole criticism of the Peace Foundation Ball: hey, get some modestly-priced items at the silent auction.

But back to the subject of FOOD. Below is a picture of a gigantic quiche served at the event. The food alone was worth the $15 price of the tickets.

Below, Laura Wolff with her daughter and husband, Maggie and Duane. Laura used to be the policy aide for Don Samuels, and now works for the Peace Foundation.

A number of children were at the event, but Alex Browne--the son of Kip and Kelly Browne--was apparently the youngest in attendance. Lately, whenever there is a North Minneapolis (NoMi) event with Alex in attendance, little Alex goes from hand to hand getting love and cuddles, never crying or complaining. This was true tonight as well, as Council Member Don Samuels celebrated his victory and little Alex made his rounds all over the room.



Hillside Chronicle said...

Great pictures. The Peaceball and the Jaeger event were a lot of fun!!

Jordan Neighbor said...

I wish there were MORE NoMi events just so I could get more baby holding time - he is a super sweetie!