Sunday, December 19, 2010

Good Sports Bar And Grill Dreams Of Selling Its Secret Spice Combo!

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Anybody who has tried the wings at Good Sports Bar and Grill at 200 West Broadway knows their dry rub is something special, flavorful but not overwhelming. Though they've been offered a substantial sum of money for the recipe at least once, the owners of Good Sports are...

...keeping the secret close to their chests. However, in a recent conversation with Mike, one of the co-owners, I was told that Good Sports would love to find a way to market the spice combo and sell it to the general public.

Mike believes the spice combo works best on dark chicken meat, not as well on white breast meat. However, the spice combo is actually quite versatile. As a matter of fact, Mike gave us a Bloody Mary with the spice combo on the rim of the glass, and it was very tasty. My girlfriend, Megan, took a small container of the spice combo home and tried it on rice. Again, a pleasing and delicious combination.

So the question is: how can this amazing secret spice combo, which at the moment can only be enjoyed in North Minneapolis, find its way into the nation's commerce as a product available on store shelves? If anybody has an idea, don't tell me...go tell Mike at Good Sports Bar and Grill!


Jim Watkins said...

I have an idea. Lets give a fat North Minneapolis blogger a ton of free food. Load up his girlfriend as well and then enjoy three free posts in a week pandering to the business. Can we PLEASE get back to the business of Butt Glass, Phone Books and the lack of snow shoveling in the neighborhood?

Johnny Northside said...

Geez, you're right. It's about time for me to say something about the butt glass at Friedman's Shoe Store. One butt glass posting coming right up, and thanks for the reminder.

Johnny Northside! said...

Notorious troll and blog stalker Jim Watkins, under a blogspot profile he is known to use, tells me to reject a comment he offers but communicates that he DID NOT leave the comment at 7:57 pm which has inspired me to write my next post, about the Freidman's butt glass.

A likely story. Soon it will be Butt-Glass-O-Rama here at Johnny Northside Dot Com, inspired by the comment left at 7:57 by none other than Jim Watkins.