Thursday, December 9, 2010

WHAT IS IT?!!! Military "Mystery Vehicle" On Lyndale Ave. N.

Photos and blog post by John Hoff

I'm not somebody who worries about "black helicopters" or the secret projects of my government, whatever they may be...I'm inclined to be supportive. All the same, a couple weeks ago I did a double take on Lyndale Ave. N. when I saw this strange vehicle...

First of all, it had no license plate...and everybody knows how much I like license plates. Seriously. I collect them. I have a bunch. I want to panel the walls inside my garage and then cover the walls with cool automotive bric-a-bric, like my license plate collection. So the first thing that caught my attention: no license plate, front or back. What the heck...?

The vehicle was painted a dark, distinctly militaristic green color. The compartment on the back looked capable of being elevated, "cherry picker style." And there was some kind of technical informational plate about the vehicle itself on its side.

Mystery Military Vehicle was parked on Lyndale Ave. N. for a couple days, then disappeared as mysteriously as it had appeared.

If this vehicle is evidence of local police agencies calling in some kind of serious investigative firepower or even actual firepower...well, I say more firepower to them. All the same, my couriosity is piqued and I'd sure like to know...WHAT WAS THAT?!


Johnny Northside! said...

Here's an interesting link some commenter provided.

Anonymous said...

Dyna replies:

Might be a new aircraft service truck being delivered. The airline food service companies use trucks like these to delivery food to the planes, and they need the elevating box and platform to match the height of an airliners side door.

Anonymous said...

Dyna, that would make sense for a regularly licensed and identifed (logo/lettering) vehicle, but seriously, the airlines aren't using a military green anonymous armored vehicle to lift food into the airplanes are they? If I saw that vehicle lifting cargo onto the plane I was set to board, I would be canceling my trip. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is that?
This article reminded me of this blast from the past:

Hey you kids, git away from there!

I would not mess with that thing!

Don't put your lips on it!