Friday, December 3, 2010

The "Problem Child Of The Block" Becomes The Residential Equivalent Of A Model Citizen!

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

It was only a couple of years ago when I wrote about 416 30th Ave. N. being the "problem child of the block." This house at 416 30th Ave. N. had garbage piles in the yard, until a crack squad of sanitation commandos landed, click here.

This is the house which once stole electricity from 3016 6th St. N, click here, which was the subject of some of of my very early blog posts, click here.

Oh, and then there was the time the fire department chopped down the front door because of a gas leak. Click here.

Finally the house was torn down, click here.

But now a new house, pictured above, is being built on the spot. (The green paint with the house number is a nice eco-conscious touch!) It seems only yesterday I found a mysterious cord attached to 3016 6th St. N., made of many wires spliced together, dangerously siphoning off electricity and melting a path in the snow all the way to the rear of 416 30th Ave. N.

Yes, it SEEMS like only yesterday but it was, in fact, a couple years ago. Here's what actually happened only yesterday: I was catching up on my email, and I learned a meeting of the EcoVillage Task Force had been canceled for the month of December. Why was the meeting cancelled, you might ask?

There was nothing pressing to discuss. It was better to concentrate on the upcoming holidays and meet later.

This is the progress we've seen in the Hawthorne EcoVillage, and it is amazing.

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