Saturday, December 18, 2010

Attorney Fees Ordered In Donald Bellfield Defamation Case...

Dave Bicking, in the rear with the beard, photo and blog post by John Hoff

It was, quite possibly, one of the weakest cases ever filed in Hennepin County: a lawsuit for defamation against Donald Bellfield, et al.

The allegedly defamatory material in question DID NOT EVEN MENTION THE PLAINTIFFS BY NAME and yet Civilian Review Authority Chair Donald Bellfield (by all reports a profoundly decent man) was dragged through the courts to defend himself against the judicial equivalent of a bag of mixed nuts, minus any satisfying and tasty nutmeat.

Homer Simpson sez: Mmmmm. Nutmeat.

The case was, as one has come to expect in Hennepin County, filed by none other than Jill Clark, the remaining half of "the two Jills" since the other Jill got, gee, suspended from the practice of law.

Now comes word of an order, dated December 7, 2010, for attorney fees to be paid to defendant Donald Bellfield, et al.

Read 'em and weep. This is what happens when you follow your Einstein attorney down the primrose path of a baseless and politically-motivated defamation claim, engaging in the same magic thinking which makes people waste their time on pull tabs. This is what happens. You get nothing, and you end up owing attorney fees stacked the height of 5,000 bills up your personal wazoo.

Here comes a link to the PDF file...

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For how long will private citizens and the City Government of Minneapolis continue to suffer this baseless and costly litigation which comes as predictably as improvised explosive devices on the roads to Kandahar? Where is the (expletive) leadership to organize and DO SOMETHING about it?

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