Thursday, December 23, 2010

JNS BLOG CUISINE EXCLUSIVE: New Lowry Cafe Plans To Open In February Or March...

Photos and blog post by John Hoff

In a perfect world, says owner Daryl Weivoda, the new Lowry Cafe would have a Valentine's Day 2011 opening. But this is not a perfect world and, realistically, he thinks March of 2011 is more likely.

This blog had the privilege of peaking inside, recently, on our way to visit the Goddess of Glass store next door. I couldn't help but notice the new green sign outside of the cafe location at 2207 Lowry Ave. and when I tried the door--whoah, the door flew open and there was Daryl right in front of me! And Daryl was happy to give me a tour. In fact, he actually handed me a draft of the planned menu, ripping off the last page to preserve some mechanical calculations jotted on the back...

The NoMi Passenger blog did a video tour of this location about some months ago, click here, but since that time there has been a lot of progress on "the mechanicals." By "mechanicals," we don't just mean the cafe. Daryl had hip replacement surgery a few months ago, which slowed progress down on the cafe a bit, but now workmen are pushing the project forward.
Here, some floor repairs are being done at the former doorway to the building, which used to be a notorious "inconvenience store." It was owned by Abdul Quader A Muwahid, according to online city records.
The placement of the new sign at Lowry Cafe allows the Goddess of Glass store, next door, to figure out where they will place their sign.
Daryl Weivoda, who owns Northend Hardware and the commercial space attached to Northend Hardware that faces Lowry Ave., poses in the area where "countertop service" will be available when Lowry Cafe opens.

Weivoda is a "Northside for Life" resident, who grew up with Police Chief Dolan. The architect of the building project, Pat Waddick, is also a Northside for Life resident who used to coach football, including coaching Chief Dolan.

When I went to college in Moorhead, Minnesota in the late 1980s, there was a well-known regional business which constantly ran commercials featuring the energetic, squeaky-voiced "Weivoda Carpet Girl," who was, er, an object of strong fixation for my roommate, A.J.

It turns out Daryl is related to those Weivodas. It's a small world, after all. I have searched in vain for YouTube video of the "Weivoda carpet girl" but turned up nothing. Sigh. For some things I will have to rely on memory, not the internet. But compare with this musical tribute to the Watson's Pool Girl, click here. Back to the Lowry Cafe--!

Here, Daryl Weivoda poses near "the window" where orders will go in, and food will come out. Here's a sneak peak of what will be on the menu:

* Omelets, including the "Meatsa" which is "perfect for the early rising meat lover." The "New Denver" will include homemade hollandaise and sliced tomato. The "meatsa" will be balanced out by the "veggie" omelet. There is also a "create your own omelet" option.

* Scrambles will include the "Nuevo Ranchero" served on a bed of potatoes Obrien with cheddar cheese, ham and homemade pico. Once again, there is a vegetarian option as well as a "create your own" option.

* Eggs Benedict. Not just one, but THREE variations on eggs benedict including "the classic," the "down south Beni" and a "heat hungry Cajun" option.

* Pancakes galore.

* Signature dishes of "biscuits and gravy" as well as (OMG!) Swedish pancakes.

* Five kinds of salad, including the exotic "Sesamun Salad," which includes "a fine mix of red and green cabbage, shredded lettuce, red pepper, green onion, sesame seeds, marinated grilled chicken, fried won tons and a Hong Kong lime dressing with peanut hoisen." Any of the salads can be made into a tortilla wrap with a side of fries.

* Four kinds of burgers, plus "make it your own" topping options including interesting choices like onion strings, salami, and feta cheese.

Yes, there will be sandwiches but this blog will save the "missing page" so something on the menu remains a surprise.

The cafe, which is in a building constructed in 1929, will have a vintage 20s look including hardwood floors.

In response to the most important question of all--will there be wireless internet?--the answer is YES!!!!!!!!!

Johnny Northside blog is excited about the Lowry Cafe and I hope to do some "live blogging" there in front of a big stack of pancakes in early 2011.


MikeT said...

Without pancakes, we are all just people sitting at a table with forks and syrup. Pancakes are what unite us as a civilization.

Naturally there will be buckwheat pancakes, yes? We aren't animals, after all.

Glassy Girl said...

Latest facebook update shows a photo of the counter and bar with a projected opening of mid to late April.