Sunday, December 19, 2010

Final Moments For The Old Petro Stop On West Broadway?

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

The old Petro Stop on West Broadway, which looked like it was going to be demolished before the weekend, but somehow survived, has heavy equipment parked nearby and looks like it will go down tomorrow, Monday. A small forest of trees has been cleared on one end of the property, sawed up and stacked in sections like you'd see at a lumber mill. The tiny gas station is dwarfed by the heavy equipment sitting nearby. This won't be much of a match.

But after being so sure the little building wouldn't survive the day, and yet seeing its persistence in existence, I'm not making any bets on whether the sun will set upon it tomorrow.

1 comment:

Folwell Fox said...

If you were going to bet I'd take you up on 1:4 (for tomorrow), given the snow forecast, holiday and whatnot. Try to save the Plexiglass sign if you can.