Friday, December 3, 2010

Separated At Birth?! Vacant Lots At Big Stop And Wafana's "Inconvenience Stores"

Former "Big Stop" store, Jordan Neighborhood, above
Former Wafana's Store, Hawthorne Neighborhood, below

Photos and blog post by John Hoff

I wrote recently about how the "inconvenience store" at Wafana's disappeared off the face of the earth while I wasn't looking, but I didn't have an AFTER photo to show the glorious transformation. Click here for that blog post.

Well, here's yer AFTER photo and I can't help but be struck by the "family resemblance" between the vacant lot at the former "Big Stop" store in Jordan, top photo, and the Wafana's store, bottom photo. Except for the fact children have built snowmen on the Big Stop lot, there is VIRTUALLY NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO LOTS.

Amazing. Another North Minneapolis instance of "separated at birth?"

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1 comment:

NoMi Passenger said...

Funny. They seemed to be separated at birth when the inconvenience stores were still standing, too.

Thugs loitering everywhere. Trash blowing like tumbleweed across the landscape. Boom cars congregating as if there was a boom car convention.

Yup, I concur. Big Stop and Wafana's were separated at birth. And now they can be reunited for eternity in death.

Let's help some more of their brethren get to the family reunion.