Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nitelen Jackson May Be Going Away For A While, Follow Up To The "Nine Days Of Nitelen" And Commentary About The Use Of Social Media By Young Criminals...

Facebook photo from profile of Nitelen Jackson, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism

Ah, Nitelen, readers were just getting to know you and then off you go to incarceration!

Not for just for a little while, either. This blog previously reported that Nitelen Jackson was looking at 45 days for a theft incident and was planning to turn himself in on July 5. This information was accurate, however, it was incomplete.

Turns out Nitelen has more time hanging over his head...

Even Nitelen Jackson himself was saying, on Facebook, that he was facing more time than Johnny Northside knew about.

Nitelen Jackson, Not A Model Of Successful Probation

Turns out there is a theft of a motor vehicle charge hanging over Nitelen's head from way back in 2009. On Nitelen's list of many charges, it's the first thing that appears. Nitelen pled guilty to the charge in 2010.

Now Nitelen has a parole revocation hearing on July 19.

Yes, that's right. Nitelen has been ON PROBATION this whole time. This blogger finds that information as hard to believe as his readers. (Thanks to one of my behind the scenes contributors for digging into this topic and forwarding info)

With Nitelen more or less openly bragging on Facebook about various criminal activities, and dropping plenty of clues even when he's not openly of merchandise for sale and those handbags and shoes came from, um, WHERE? Fell off a truck?...and Nitelen does this under his own legal name, too, not even a Facebook the notion he's been ON PROBATION this whole time is hard to fathom.

Nitelen has posted numerous pictures of himself with marijuana. He posts constantly about how much weed he's smoking, bragging that even when there's a drought on weed, he has a ready supply. He brags about the quality and quantity of marijuana he's consuming.

And this whole time he's been ON PROBATION?

The Use Of Social Media By A Young, Criminally-Inclined Milieu 

Nitelen is certainly a prolific user of Facebook. Even from jail, he has somehow managed to get a message posted, probably with the help of a third party with access to the account. Here is Nitelen's "Facebook message from jail" dated July 5.

Happy 4th of July , I was gone fuck y'all up with these. FREE ME, dry snitching ass niggas.

In this context, and in other Facebook contexts with Nitelen's social group, the phrase "fuck y'all up" (or "fuck u up," "fuck you up") appears to mean, "Alter your style in a positive way."

Some of Nitelen's other gritty urban phrases include:

Wet. When something is "wet," that's positive. One commenter on the shoe pic named Iceyy Locc Pudda wrote, "Them hoez wet like pussy." To which commenter Tay Moe replied, "on my life dem Wet."

Icey. This phrase appears to mean something along the lines of rich, opulent, eye-catching. A young man who is all dressed up in stolen designer threads looks "icey as hell."

Fuck with me. This phrase means "hang out and socialize with me."

These phrases disguise the meaning of what is being said, which is the very purpose of slang. At some point, slang just becomes a trendy way of expressing yourself, but when slang is forged into being in the gritty underworld of the street, it has a purpose:

Hiding intended meaning from "The Man."

Turning The Use Of Social Media Against North Minneapolis Thugs

This blog took an interest in Nitelen Jackson after coming upon a picture of Nitelen (whose name was unknown to me at that time) brandishing a pistol at a "curbside memorial" to yet another fallen thug.

But there are numerous young men (it's mostly males) in North Minneapolis who engage in criminal activities and openly brag about it in social media. Indeed, the Star Tribune recently reported that social media "fueled" the feud which killed 5-year-old Nizzel George.

This blog makes the following public policy suggestion: parole conditions should include making your Facebook page and all other "social media" profiles known and accessible to your parole officer. Having and/or using a social media forum without your parole officer being aware of it should be a straight up parole violation. Judges need to make this part of parole conditions. Prosecutors need to request it.

Furthermore, decent citizens in the neighborhood should be scrutinizing the social media of, well, not-so-decent people in the neighborhood and reporting information to the proper authorities such as the 4th Precinct Care Task Force and 311.

Some things that turn up in social media which can be reported, easily and without undue drama, as follows:

Small children present at parties where drugs are being used. Pit bulls for sale bred under dubious circumstances and sold for dubious purposes. Weapons being brandished by individuals not legally allowed to possess such weapons. Trophy photo images of drugs possessed by individuals whose identities can be determined. Merchandise for sale, repeatedly, that didn't just "fall off a truck."

This blog will continue to scrutinize the social media of young North Minneapolis thugs like Nitelen Jackson, but the task is overwhelming. More citizens need to jump into the fray behind the scenes.

By advertising goods for sale on social media, Nitelen Jackson has accumulated economic capital. Through self-created images of his thug lifestyle propagated on Facebook, Nitelen has accumulated social capital within his thug milieu. Even from jail, he uses the internet to cry out "Free me," attempting to urge political and social organization for the express purpose of ending his incarceration earlier, so he can keep doing what he does, which is thuggery.

But social media can be turned against the thugs. They are documenting their criminal activities and social networks on Facebook. This information can and should be used to gather evidence for criminal complaints and to discern the structure of social networks in order to, for example, find witnesses to unsolved serious crimes.

To some extent, I believe the authorities are already doing this. However, I believe ordinary citizens need to scrutinize these networks, pick through all the chaff, and make use of the information. Dropping verifiable information to a blogger about who is in a particular photo is a start...

But if we're going to revitalize North Minneapolis and live in a neighborhood where small children aren't killed by hailstorms of bullets, we need to do a lot more.


Anonymous said...

All these suggestions on how to monitor and circumvent community violence are great; However the weakest link is the fact that they all depend on a law enforcement bureaucracy that can't put 2+2 together, don't want to get out of their squad cars, and fail to prosecute even the most obvious criminal activities.

Mary said...

Seems so easy, doesn't it?

I realize that POs have TOO MANY criminals to keep track of. The POs are overwhelmed and barely spend time with their criminals. We need more POs to spend ACTUAL time.

I have ideas but get frustrated on where to go with them. I know some POs in Hennepin County. One tells me she wishes she had less clients and could get to know each of them better.

And yes, someone who is on parole or probation should be monitored online. You lose some rights by committing crimes. We need to get with the times, adapt and evolve.

The rules of parole back in the 90s needs to be drastically different than today. (Was there even internet back then? I mean for real, when did we start this 'social media' frenzy?)

I so much love all the posts, 'Free So-and-so and 9 others.' I feel like they are all saying, "Free my friend because, although I know they are guilty, I am bored out here without him."

Anonymous said...

Nitelen is not on parole. "Parole" is a term formerly used to refer to what is now called "supervised release" by the Department of Corrections. It refers to someone who has been to prison and on supervised released. The term you are looking for would probably be "probation." Also, smoking or possessing a small amount a personal amount of marijuana would not be a violation of Nitelen's probation unless one of the terms is that he not use drugs. He would likely have been ordered to "remain law abiding" or commit "no same or similar offenses." Possession of a small amount of marijuana is a petty misdemeanor in MN, this is a non-criminal offense. Therefore, smoking a blunt is not a criminal offense and he would likely not be in violation of his probation. If you are going to cyberstalk and harass this guy, at least get your information correct.

Johnny Northside! said...

To Anonymous, above.

The difference between parole and probation is noted. I checked the wording on his MNCIS court record after reading your remark and corrected accordingly.

In regard to other stuff you're saying:


Go take a look at those pictures, again.

In response to Mary and the too many POs to keep track of...

Maybe the STrib or some larger publication should do a story about the "too many criminals to keep track of" issue.

Folwell Neighbor said...

We definitely need to enhance our parole/supervised release/probation system.
Part of the reason for (or at least one of the benefits of) allowing criminals to get off early is to reduce cost. I have no data, but I think it's common knowledge that jail/prison costs a lot. It's a lot cheaper to let them go early and hire someone to monitor them on the outside. Again, I have no data to back that up, but I think it's safe to say that most people would agree with that statement.

So if we're reducing cost, let's not go overboard. Let's not give too many cases to handle. Let's accept that criminals cost taxpayers a lot of money, and we're already getting cost savings by releasing them early.

More street officers, more parole/probation officers, more cameras, more people to monitor the cameras. Obviously more taxes to go along with it, but I for one am okay with that.
More money up front will reduce cost in the long run. A certain (undefined) percentage of people will decide not to commit crimes because of the enhanced system. More criminals will be brought to justice. It costs money but that seems worth it to me.
So in an age of cost-savings (especially in government), how do we go about trying to make these sort of changes?
I don't mean that rhetorically, does anyone know? Sure I could call the police station and let them know, but that doesn't really change budgets of policy.

Anonymous said...

There is only one picture that definatively appears to have more than a petty misdemeanor amount of marijuana in it. Furthermore, in order to prove that Nitelen violated his probation, it would need to be proven that 1) the marijuana was real and 2) the photograph was taken (not posted) during the time he was on probation. Sorry, I think you lose JNS. Like I said, if you want to stalk this guy, you gotta have the facts/law to back it up!

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, you weighed it with your EYES, did you?

I don't know, I weighed it with MY eyes and it was heavier than you think. That sweet, sticky weed was packed pretty tight.

And shit.

Anonymous said...

Your "eye scale" is not gonna stand up in court for Nitelen's probation violation hearing.

Johnny Northside! said...

But somehow I still think they'll find he violated his probation, don't you?

Anonymous said...

I have represented many clients on probation violations. My point is that it is highly unlikely that the facebook stalking that you have posted here would prove a probation violation, no matter what the conditions of probation. He may have done other things, I don't know. I obviously do not support him standing there with a gun, that is messed up. But I don't really care about this, you can blog about you want, but Educated White Male has a good point there are more interesting things to blog about.

Johnny Northside! said...

Why do you keep focusing on whether I am "proving" a probation violation? I am documenting outrageous conduct. That's plenty.

Anonymous said...

You are right. There were suggestions that probationers should be monitored online and that his postings indicated he was violated his probation. My point was to show that nothing you discovered could be used against him in court to revoke his probation. That being said, I agree his conduct is ridiculous, but again think there are more interesting things to blog about. I must admit I am entertained by some of the Jill Clark stories, I have seen her do some nutty things around the coutrhouse over the years (and I am a defense atty)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to also comment on what Anon at 9:46 said about the Fourth Pct Officers. In my experience over many years, most of these people do a great job. They can only arrest the people for things that clearly violate the ordinances or statutes. If a guy is just standing on the street corner for hours and the officer does not see them do anything illegal, he or she cannot arrest or ticket them. Once these alot cases get to court, they often get thrown out or the people get found not guilty by the jury because they are factually insufficent. There is no investigation done on low level street crimes and defense attorneys can rip them apart, not their fault. They are not lazy and do want to get out of their squad cars. They are generally good people who put their lives in danger trying to protect you. I am saying this and I am a defense attorney. So give them a break.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Johnny Northside

Anonymous said...

Wet/Icey- cool; nice looking; swag etc.

Anonymous said...

Hennepin County is the worst for narcotic cases, stolen auto cases, possesion of a firearm cases, curfew and sidewalk spitting when it comes to prosecution.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anony. 2:35 PM: Lord almighty, school started yesterday, are you in it? Put down your Cheetos and cell phone, and read a book!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Nitelen has been free since att least early October.

Anonymous said...

Jns get a life. i kno you love this S.u.B. shit.. king Nite Jo 1525

Anonymous said...

Nitelen has added a photo of himself and a handgun in his Facebook photos. Isn't someone else going down for a similar choice?

Johnny Northside! said...

To the commenter who left a comment a moment ago. I'm not publishing your comment but trust me when I say I am ALL OVER THAT (EXPLETIVE).

Anonymous said...

Scary is what it is. Thank you for being all over that bleep.

Anonymous said...

The one you were not going to post was posted...

Johnny Northside! said...

No, I simply delayed my posting of that comment until I could take some action behind the scenes. Turns out the police already know about the photo. They pretty much check out Nitelen's Facebook page on a daily basis to figure out what they can charge him with as he posts pictures of (very likely) stolen goods.

Anonymous said...

Ah, got it.

Johnny Northside! said...

Nitelen is no longer in Hennepin County Jail, but looks like he is just incarcerated somewhere else.

Booking Number: 2013009771
Date of Birth: 11/13/1990
Sheriff's Custody: RELEASED FROM CUSTODY ON . 8/9/2013 . 06:54
Housing Location:
Received Date/Time: 4/13/2013.. 07:51
Arrested By: ACF
Case/Count Description of Charge Charged By Reason for Arrest Severity of Charge State of Charge Bail Information Court Appearance Date/Time Court Appearance Location
HOLD W/O BAIL 8/6/2013..08:45 DOWNTOWN Address
HOLD W/O BAIL 8/6/2013..08:45 DOWNTOWN Address

Anonymous said...

ACF=Adult Corrections Facility=Workhouse