Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vodka Bottle Fingerprints Helped Apprehend Shateke Jamal Bruce In Terrifying Burglary Against Two Northside Senior Citizens...

Photo recreation and blog post by John Hoff

Shateke Jamal Bruce, click here for mugshot, has achieved roughly 5 seconds of fame for sparking the first ever Johnny Northside crime scene photo recreation.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Hennepin County, click here for that document, Bruce was involved in a burglary on the 1600 block of Irving Ave. N. in which the residents of the home were detained and terrified...

The residents are a man and a woman ages 68 (the woman) and 59 (the man). On May 20, the man went out into the garage and found three young black males inside. One of the males had a small chrome or silver colored handgun, the other two were armed with a croquet mallet and a gardening tool from the garage. They must have looked like they were preparing to fend off a zombie attack with improvised weapons. What a sad and desperate little trio.

So these three young males marched the older gentleman inside and then made the woman, 68, tie up the 59-year-old man with duct tape. The victims were force to kneel in front of the couch as though being forced to worship a strange diety of upholstery.

Two of the burglars stormed around the house, ransacking, smashing phones. They demanded to know where the "drugs and guns" were. The victims were told to be quiet or they would be shot. The burglary lasted about ten minutes and a number of items were stolen, including an antique revolver.

Minneapolis police forensically processed the crime scene and found fingerprints, including some prints on a vodka bottle near the rear doorway.

As a dry, legalistic afterthought the complaint adds the victims did not give permission for the Defendant to be in their home or take their property.

According to the criminal complaint, Bruce lives at 711 Sheridan Ave. N. The house is not a rental property. It is owned by Harbour Portfolio Vi LP, according to online city records. The address of this entity is PO Box 1996 in Irmo, South Carolina. The name of "Harbour Portfolio Vi LP" opens up an incredibly large can of corporate worms once you start Googling. Suffice to say this entity is involved in "distressed properties." Click here for a sample document about related "Harbour Portfolio" entities with other roman numerals.  

Bruce's name turns up in one of my old "jailhouse roster" postings as reportedly living at 3519 James Ave. N. 

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Losers terrorizing old folks or anyone for that matter!

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