Monday, March 22, 2010

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Brad Johnson--Who Prosecuted Larry "Maximum" Maxwell--Running For Anoka County Attorney

Photos from the Facebook page of Brad Johnson, blog post by John Hoff

Information floating around as rumor, pieced together with information from Facebook, and verified with a reliable source positively confirm the following: Brad Johnson is running for Anoka County attorney. No other major media outlet has reported this story, but rumor has it the Star Tribune is currently chasing it.

Johnson is the prosecutor who...

...took down Larry "Maximum" Maxwell for mortgage fraud, a matter reported extensively on this blog.

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Reverend Jerry MacAfee expected to take stand, click here.

Excerpts from transcripts about the mortgage fraud deals, click here.

Prosecution rebuttal witness sinks Maxwell, click here.

Identity theft imposter revealed as Jerome Kingrussel, click here.

Prosecution presses forward, Larry Maxwell doomed, click here.

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And, finally, my personal favorite...a PDF file of the Larry Maxwell criminal complaint, in which especially astute readers might find a familiar name from the Jordan Neighborhood.

So far as I can tell, Larry Maxwell was the biggest state court conviction for racketeering EVER in the state of Minnesota. (If anybody has contrary information, please share it)

Brad Johnson also produced a conviction in the Susan Newell / Ed Boler mortgage fraud case, after the efforts of another prosecutor resulted in a mistrial. (To be fair, that result has been attributed to a quirky juror)

Johnson has an understated style with witnesses, making potential foes cooperative and almost friendly. I have watched this guy in action day after day, and the idea of him running a prosecutor's office is very exciting...particularly since some of the mortgage fraud fungus involves cases with properties stretching from Hennepin to Anoka.

This blog is not only reporting this matter but also moving quickly to endorse Brad Johnson.

Brad Johnson, consider yourself endorsed.


Melony said...

We too think Brad would be wonderful in this position. He is very dedicated, thorough, hard working, intelligent and caring. He is organized, dependable and someone you want working with you and not against you. He was impressive in the sheer amount of detail that had to be unraveled and then explained in painstaking detail to the twelve people listening who would put an end to the terror Maxwell and his gang of thugs forced upon all his victims.

Being the victims who were forced to dedicated endless hours, money, tears and stress to get this to a County Attorney, we were and are very thankful it ended up in the capable hands of Brad Johnson. You have our support. Let us know what we can do to help.

Melony and John

eric zaetsch said...

March 16, Senate District 48 DFL convention, he was there as a candidate.

His grandfather was Anoka County Attorney, his father just announced retirement from the post about two weeks ago.

He is a candidate, opposed in the DFL by a long-time Anoka County Deputy County Attorney.

There is no question he is running for the post.

Johnny Northside! said...

Right, Eric, no question he is running...

A couple things, though: this is a non-partisan office and Johnson is running in a non-partisan way. He's not opposed by the DFL. That's my understanding.

Second, Johnson's opponent is an ASSISTANT County Attorney, not a DEPUTY County Attorney. There is a difference. In fact, Johnson's opponent works in the civil division, and is NOT a prosecutor.

Johnny Northside! said...

Here is a link to his fan page on Facebook.

Johnny Northside said...

Word comes that Brad Johnson officially filed to run a few days ago. His opponent has also filed.

Johnny Northside! said...

One comment rejected which appears to be spam.

The comment mildly praises Brad Johnson, but then makes a point of mentioning a website with a "how much home can I afford" calculator. The mention of the commercial website appears to be the whole point of the comment in question, therefore I judge it to be a spam comment.

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