Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Former Minneapolis Mayor Rybak Throwing Fundraiser For Don Samuels, Former Head Of Public Safety Committee, Former Mayoral Candidate, Now Running For School Board...

Contributed image (in the general, not specific sense) blog post by John Hoff

Normally this blog declines to be a community bulletin board made of virtual cork, a place where announcements are simply tacked up for dissemination. 

In this case...

I'm making an exception.  

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Anonymous said...

I sure the hell wish that Minneapolis would have made this man our Mayor instead of the train wreck that we have.
I will have to say that we stepped in it big time and now Chicago takes over. Best of luck, Don, you were a hell of an alderman who should be leading this city instead of this ignorant ultra-liberal chi-town clueless puppet.