Saturday, July 5, 2014

Level Three Sex Offender Jesse Lee Garland Arrested, It's Not Clear Why But The Jail Roster Says "Felony" And How This All Fits Into North Minneapolis Residents Being Completely Let Down By Our Public Officials Who Promised Progress On The Issue Of Level Three Sex Offender Concentration...

MN DOC mug shot, therefore public domain, blog post by John Hoff

I know the names of Level Three Sex Offenders in my neighborhood so well that when I'm searching the jail roster for murder suspects (LOTS of murder the past week or so!) those names jump right out at me.

Jesse Lee Garland, pictured above, has a history of raping adult women (complete strangers to him) by compliance through the use of a weapon and sometimes would gain access by getting the women to stop their cars. He's been in our neighborhood for a while, as I can document by my "collect them all" blog post about him in...

...December of 2010. 

The Hennepin County jail roster lists Garland at 1703 26th Ave. N., an address where he has been known to reside before along with other Level Three sex offenders, right across from the Jordan Community Garden.

Ah, but here's where it gets interesting. Remember that alleged, so-called and paper-thin "moratorium" on more Level Three sex offenders being dumped in our neighborhood that SUPPOSEDLY our public officials have been working on for the last year? SUPPOSEDLY working on this issue since the HUGE community meeting last year and the outpouring of emotion and facts from residents? The would be the meeting that, so far, has come to NOTHING because there has been NO MEANINGFUL REDUCTION IN THE NUMBERS AT ALL and it appears we've all been let down by the public officials who stood up and said they'd be leading on this issue. 

Supposedly more offenders weren't going to be dumped in our neighborhood. And JNS blog carefully compiled a list of names, click here for that list, so we could all keep track, right?

Guess who is NOT on that list? That would be Jesse Lee Garland. He wasn't even listed in the "off paper" offenders who, frankly, can come and go as they please and were never part of the promises made in the dark (click here for musical tribute) by our public officials. 

But there was Jesse Lee Garland, right back in our neighborhood, right back at that house across from the Jordan Garden where little kids plant flowers, dumped in our long-suffering neighborhood because of our stunning lack of political power and, frankly, our crying lack of public officials with evidence of a spine. I am only looking at the ones who were sitting in the front of the room during that big meeting, claiming they would do something. You know who you are. I have plenty of time to name names and make creative remarks if the appalling lack of progress continues. 

The jail roster says Garland was received on June 23. He was "released to other authority" (MN DOC, I presume) on July 3. MN DOC lists him as "offender currently incarcerated." 

Oh, my. What did he do? Or was this just one of those "didn't properly report and fibbed about an address" things? The jail roster says "felony" but, well, that could include merely lying about his whereabouts, given his status. 

Inquiring minds want to NoMi. 

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