Thursday, July 24, 2014

On June 12 There Was A Federal Grand Jury Indictment Against David Johnson Which Involves Alleged "Rub Out" Of Witness Anthony Fairbanks, Two Others Already Have Been Charged Including A Woman From North Minneapolis...

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Due to the fact Maureen Onyelobi has a North Minneapolis address, this blog reported on charges against her in the alleged "rub out" of a witness, including providing a copy of the criminal complaint. 

It's quite a dramatic saga but it all happened in South Minneapolis and other media entities have covered it, so I won't go into it too deeply. Everything is in the criminal complaint on the page linked above, and quite a tale it is. 

However, today I caught wind of a new development from a highly credible official source and snippets like that I love to share with my readers. So here's what I learned: 

A guy named "David Johnson" was indicted on June 12 for that same alleged murder of Anthony Fairbanks at... 

...28th and Longfellow Ave. S.  Since it's a grand jury indictment, I don't have a document for it, only solid information that the indictment took place. 

Yes, "David Johnson" is really his name and it's so common I won't even bother creating a meta-tag for the search engines, pretty much a first for this blog. 

Johnson now joins Oynelobi and a guy named Maurice Wallace as defendants in the murder, which happened March 8. Only now it's not just charged in Hennepin County.

Now the feds are involved. 


Anonymous said...

Multiple reports have the third person under indictment as Maurice Wilson.

The tag for even a common name like David Johnson can be quite useful. The key is to mix and match additional search strings with the more common names. David Johnson is common, David NMN Johnson or David hismiddlename Johnson is less common. Add a DOB and things narrow quickly.

For this name the Hennepin County Jail roster suggests that the David Johnson in the post might really be David NMN Johnson DOB 5/19/1993. Subject with that info charged with 5 counts including Murder First and Murder Second both on Grand Jury indictments. Jail Roster shows a $2 million bond on the Murder First count.

Booking Number: 2014005899
Date of Birth: 5/19/1993
Sheriff's Custody: IN CUSTODY . .
Housing Location: MINNEAPOLIS CITY HALL Address
Received Date/Time: 3/11/2014.. 21:55

Johnny Northside! said...

As far as I can tell it works fine. You're telling me THIS link doesn't work?

Anonymous said...

I am confused by your response at 11:04.

The first link I posted at 10:04 is
which begins Today Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced three first degree premeditated murder indictments in the brutal shooting death of Anthony Fairbanks. The Grand Jury indicted Maureen Onyelobi, David Johnson and Maurice Wilson on Thursday.

This contradicts your post which says in part: Johnson now joins Oynelobi and a guy named Maurice Wallace as defendants in the murder, which happened March 8.

The link you posted in the comment works (, but I don't understand what it has to do with the comment at 1104, and no I'm not telling you it doesn't work.

Further, the commenter sayeth not.

Johnny Northside! said...

Sorry about the confusion. I received an anonymous comment saying the link doesn't work. I checked the link and responded before I published the comment, which I sometimes do and the comment appears a moment later when I go back and hit publish.

In THIS case I figured out the comment was spam but had tricked me. So I didn't publish it, I deleted it. But my reply remained...

So, sorry, I wasn't responding to you but to a comment I hadn't published.

Johnny Northside! said...

One convicted of murder.