Thursday, July 31, 2014

In Wake Of MinnPost Article About Big Minneapolis Schools Payout To Activist Al Flowers, It Should Be Noted This Isn't Even The FIRST Time It's Happened, Reportedly And Allegedly...

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The headline in MinnPost says it all: 

School board's approval of $375,000 contract for Al Flowers-related group now drawing questions

I know this article (click here to read it) is getting read


It was forwarded to me twice, and the tone of the emails forwarding the link was along the lines of "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?! HAVE YOU SEEN IT?!"

(ADDENDUM, JULY 31: This article contains messed up breaks and does not represent the usual quality of this blog. But rather than mess around with technical nothing, I'm just going to leave things as they are and drive on) 

In the wake of Flowers' arrest, pointed questions are being asked about what kind of example and mentor to children in the public schools has such a record as Al Flowers (not to mention his extended family) and a teenage daughter wearing an ankle monitor. 

Perhaps the Flowers family, so eager to share CERTAIN details, will share with us what was the criminal conviction which caused this young woman to be wearing the monitor in the first place? 
But I digress. Here's the main point I wish to draw to the attention of readers:

This isn't the first time reports have been aired of Al Flowers 
getting a big, dubious, mysterious payout from the Minneapolis

Though this blog dug as deep as it could in 2011, I wasn't able to find my way to the bottom and sniff out evidence of that money, just the word of a trusted government source. INTERESTINGLY, I was hearing the same thing FROM THE SAME SOURCE just a few days ago about another big payout to Flowers. The name of Reverend Clarence Hightower came up, as well. But now it seems MinnPost has its teeth in the story, hard, like Flowers had his teeth in that police officer's we-don't-know-what. 


Hey, MinnPost...can you pick up the trail of clues and get to the
bottom of this payout, too? We would all be ever-so-interested!  


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this old info on CSI and others associated with it?

Be sure to open and view both attachments if you haven't seen them before.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Secretary of State website. I had some difficulty finding this registration, note how one of the words is spelled in the name of the non profit. A "unique" spelling of the word initiative ("Initatives"- clever or clueless?) MPS must have not noticed or cared. Note also the filing date of Nov 13, 2013.

From MN Secretary of State website:
Community Standards Initatives, Inc
Business Type
Assumed Name

MN Statute

File Number

Filing Date 11/13/2013

Active / In Good Standing

Renewal Due Date:

Registered Agent(s)
(Optional) None provided

Principal Place of Business Address
1115 30th Ave. No.
Minneapolis MN 55411

Nameholder Nameholder Address
Community Standards Initatives, Inc. 1115 30th Ave. No, Minneapolis, MN 55411

Note also the address 1115 30th Ave Minneapolis MN 55411 USA is New Bethel Baptist Church according to both Minneapolis Property Info and google.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, Johnny. Learn the rules of capitalization!

Anonymous said...

I believe Sabrina Flowers was practicing law without a license at Jill Clark's firm.

Johnny Northside! said...

I've never even HEARD of a "Sabrina Flowers."

Elaborate, anonymous commenter.

Johnny Northside! said...

After I copied and pasted that headline from MinnPost my paragraph breaks got thrown all over.

And rather than messing with it I decided to just push forward.

Johnny Northside! said...


I have decided I LIKE the messed up breaks in the sentences.

It makes the text read like a combination of my blogging and a freestyle poem.

Just this one time I don't mind a little accident like that.

Johnny Northside! said...

The commenter whose comment I am rejecting, who is talking about Mayor Hodges, says "Ask around and your knowledge will be enhanced."

I'm trying to think...who is it I know who uses that old rumor mill trick of trying to feed this blogger false info, hoping I will go all around "asking" about the info?

WHO could that be?

You know what info I'm spreading around? That somebody is talking smack about Hodges and I think I know who it is. You can deal with Hodges' husband as far as I'm concerned.

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to the Al Flowers info, etc...

Look, about all I can do with the info at the moment is email it to Beth Hawkins, who wrote the MinnPost article, and hope she cares. I don't have time to dig into it right now.

It's interesting info and I suggest you take the time to share it widely, widely, widely. I'm glad this blog post and thread is here to help conglomerate the info, but at the moment I can't move much more forward except I can publish your comments.

Anonymous said...

with your post" now the Fed's will look into Al.Flowers& Alisa Clemons& Rev.???Mary Sprats-Flowers, Etc. background etc. ???? let them have there 15 Mins of Fame .but they must remember .The Fed's is on there ass??? "We Watch -
We Call" keep playing the victims? CSI, child care owners , north side crime solver etc. "CHI-TOWN" at there best. the funds about to STOP,ENOY on the back of the true -North Side Residents. You guys some FOOL/but not ALL. I Personal What to Think The MPD. for all the BS They've to put up with, it's a Job I Couldn't Do? to MANY Games Players, Slickers,& want a be LEADERS$REMEMBER the Fed's will come in 2Month or 20 Years ? But They Will Come. MPS told me I had to buy my kids a uniform ? but they can give Al over $475.000 of MY taxes paying money ? with-out asking me anything???( Please Keep -In -Mind )AL Cant Even Spell He's On Name

Anonymous said...

if you ask Al Flowers how to spell His name ? he would say ah, ah,& ah ,ah, & this is the person that MPS is giving over $500.000 too? to teach My kids?20 years later, I drop -out of MPS BECAUSE OR THIS,? I WAS Dum,BUT THE TEACHER WAS Dumber ,MSP @ IT'S best(I drop out of school in the 5th grade) sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Al Flowers - Youth Mentor...Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha...

I'm sure the only youth sponsorship performed was to the young thugs who supplied the shit that went up his nose!