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Murder Suspect Anthony London Foresta, Charged With A South Minneapolis Killing, Suddenly Lists A North Minneapolis Address On Hennepin County Jail Roster AND GUESS WHO OWNS IT?

 Creative stock photo, graffiti in St. Paul, blog post by John Hoff

There have been so many murders in the last couple weeks that tonight I was looking through the jail roster, hoping I might find a name with a murder charge. Figuring out which murder to connect it to, well, that would probably take until Monday.

I thought I might have hit pay dirt when I checked a North Minneapolis address listed to "Anthony London Foresta" and up popped a murder charge. However, it was an old charge for a killing in South Minneapolis, click here for news article. Foresta and a man named Cinque Lamont Deville Turner are charged in the killing of James Patterson of South Minneapolis. 

Patterson is, yes, one of those purported "crime family" names though part of the curse is the equal likelihood of being a victim. That's what happens when you live by the "no snitching" code. Somebody thinks, "Well, let's just take him up on that, and take his wallet, as well." 

The James Patterson killing is old news, though surprisingly...
...Foresta has apparently been running around free for a while, despite charges. 

The article linked above is from August of 2013 and references the murder charges. The jail roster shows Foresta was free for a while, but picked up in May of this year on charges of robbery, assault and trespass plus the old murder charge. (There's some old juvenile court thing listed, too, which is odd since this man is 34 years old!)

But here's where it connects to North Minneapolis. I hadn't written about this murder because, well, it was South Minneapolis and neither suspect was known to be from North Minneapolis. Foresta is from Cottage Grove and Turner is from St. Paul. 

Or so we were led to believe. The jail roster shows Foresta's address as 1715 Glenwood Ave. N., an address in North Minneapolis. 

And oh!!!! Guess who turns up as the owner? This is a real blast from the past! It's William H.T. McGaughey Jr., (pronounced "Mah-Goy) the esteemed elder statesman of the Twin Cities "Landlord Politics Dot Com" clique and sometimes "also ran" candidate for the Independence Party. (Independent of what? Victory, I'm guessing)  

Of course, just because somebody is listed at a particular address on the jail roster doesn't mean there's an actual connection to the property. (Eye roll) HEAVENS NO!!!

I mean, my goodness, this could all be part of an elaborate plot to sully the good name of William Mc(Oh, my word, do I have to spell it?) before his next run for office, with victory so near it can be TASTED like, like...

An olfactory hallucination! Which are the most severe kind, believe it or not, even worse than auditory hallucinations because olfactory hallucinations originate in the cerebral cortex, the center of higher thinking which lets you, for example, pick a good political party to join. 

In any case...

NO MURDER SUSPECT lists an address in North Minneapolis and escapes the giant "information sucking sound" of the Johnny Northside blog. 

No, not even if it comes to my attention nearly a year after charges. In a fight to improve our neighborhood and push toward an "urban utopia," this blog connects the alleged CRIMINALS in our neighborhood with the PHYSICAL ADDRESSES where they nest. 

Don't want your name and property address on this blog? Well, screen your tenants carefully. Place that in your "Landlord Politics Dot Com" pipe and smoke it. 


Anonymous said...

Paging JNS to the courtesy phone.

Check this out.

Some information on the alleged familial ties of Anthony Foresta and GUESS WHO?! The version of events "allegedly" according to one William Mc(Oh, my word, do I have to spell it?) whose account you may find 'interesting' to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN)
January 31, 1996

A teenager accused of firing at two youths and killing a woman visiting Minneapolis has been found guilty of assault and second-degree murder by a Hennepin County jury.

Anthony L. Foresta was charged with first-degree intentional murder in the death of Anita N. Wilson, 22, in an alley on Aug. 8. He also was charged with second-degree intentional murder, second-degree manslaughter and two counts of second-degree assault.

Case No. 27-CR-95-080560
State of Minnesota vs ANTHONY LONDON FORESTA

1. 1ST DEG MURDER (Aid/Abet - GOC)

2. 1ST DEG MURDER (Aid/Abet - GOC)



5. 2ND DEG ASSAULT (Aid/Abet - GOC)

Hennepin County Jail Roster:

Booking Number: 2014012070
Date of Birth: 11/19/1978
Sheriff's Custody: IN CUSTODY . .

Johnny Northside! said...

Can you LINK to that 1996 Star Tribune article?

Johnny Northside! said...

Found it. Here it is.

I guess that explains why the old juvenile matter is listed for some odd reason on the jail roster.

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, do not where me out. William McG---

Don't make me spell it.

Has he posted some "version of events" somewhere? Could you PLEASE link to it?

Johnny Northside! said...


Anonymous said...

I just did a search and even more details of this most recent arrest are posted at Landlord Politics, along with what is claimed (by the LL Politics poster) to be a version of how that 1995 shooting that left Anita Lucretia Wilson DEAD really happened (according to this posting by the person who claims to be the owner of 1715 Glenwood Ave in Minneapolis at the LL Politics website.) Would you believe that the official version

So check this ( ) out if you want.