Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Northside Neighbors Organized Through Facebook Groups Create A Little Michael B. Sullivan Memorial Garden...

Blog post by Jordan North

For a little bit of history, please read the link below from the Star and Tribune.


A couple nights ago before the press and the crowd came,  I sat on a corner and stared at a deceased person, lying in the street. My thoughts were mostly about how I could get out of this Godforsaken place. I told my co-workers how I watched a bloody murder scene last night and they were shocked and horrified. I have somehow become accustomed to this place and except for the sobbing man next to me, I was not really affected.  

Today I was reminded of the good we've done in this community and the how even in the worst of circumstances, we do some good. I try to remember the smile of a little girl given toys and crafts by the community shortly before she died. I try to remember the joy and miracle that is Baby Isaac Early and what his smile brought to my life. This is why some of us must stay. This is our purpose for staying.....

Facebook Group's North Vent and Taking back the Northside have done some beautiful things in this community without any funding or tax breaks, just a lot of heart.

Michael Sullivan was a young child found hanging in an abandoned property in North Minneapolis. He needed to be flown home and buried. We also needed something for us as a community, to remember him. He brought a bunch of strangers together of all ages, races and genders to become a group of action. There is a good underneath all this madness and sorrow, it just doesn't get the same press as the murder and mayhem

Today the Michael Sullivan Garden is complete. Please stop by and contribute, pull a few weeds or say a prayer for our  children.

The Garden is located and 33rd and Emerson Ave North.

We will see you when we get there Michael Sullivan, Kevin McGandy and Denijah Harmon. You are the reason we stay. RIP


Anonymous said...

Thank you to the North Vent neighbors who showered my precious niece Denijah and her baby brother Isaac with love and kindness during my family's darkest days. You will never know how much it meant to have complete strangers uplift our spirits. What a beautiful garden you created to honor little Michael! Sending prayers for his family. May we all be able to spread love and kindness to those who are in need an who's hearts are hurting. Thank you northsiders who are rallying together to support the precious children!

Jordan North said...

Thank you so much for your touching comment. There are kind hearted people in North Minneapolis, you just won't find them in the limelight. Blessings to you and your family.