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Trae Marrey Patterson, 22 Years Old And A North Minneapolis Resident, Is Charged With Two Murders (Possibly ATTEMPTED Murders) But WHICH ONES? As Luke Skywalker Said, "THEY'RE COMING TOO FAST!"

Stock photo, (this is not the murder scene alluded to in story below) blog post by John Hoff

Murder Most Foul! And Most Unknown

Trae Marrey Patterson, born 6/9/1992, is sitting in the Hennepin County jail right now with bail set at half a million dollars. He is charged with assault and two counts of MURDER--2ND DEGREE--WITH INTENT--NOT PREMEDITATED. 

The online roster sometimes adds a level of confusion with certain charges. Attempted murder is sometimes shortened up to, OMG, MURDER, (!!!) so room must be left for doubt and the possibility these are, in fact, ATTEMPTED murder charges. 

However, young Patterson's arrest is NOT part of the...

...recent spasm of homicidal violence over the Fourth of July weekend, because he was arrested on May 28. I have checked to see if any other media picked up the story and are reporting what specific murder (or near-murder) incidents are involved, but I've had no luck. We'll see if Monday or Tuesday brings more info. 

A Rose By Any Other Name Would Still, What? Commit Crimes? Allegedly? 

"Patterson" is one of the surnames provided to this blog by a prominent neighborhood leader as a known crime family, (this in the midst of high-level, citywide electoral discussion about the issue of "multi-generation crime families") though certainly it doesn't include ALL persons in Minneapolis named Patterson. 

For example, it doesn't include former mayor aide Sherman Patterson. 

However, it was only YESTERDAY I was writing about a Patterson who is a murder victim, click here. (The sword cuts both ways, with "crime family" members as likely to be victims of violence as to dish it out) 

Where There's Crime, There's Usually A Landlord In The Background

As for young Trae Patterson (why does his first name remind me of the "Tre Tre Crips" gang? Hey, I'm just asking) he reportedly lives at 2816 James Ave. N., a rental property owned by Robert Zeman. 

That address was mentioned in a massive settlement of lead paint claims, click here for HUD press release and look under "Zeman properties." Zeman's name has come up before on this blog in association with a shooting at one of his properties, click here.

Zeman was also reportedly the landlord for alleged "50 Zone" gang member Cedric Lamont Berry, click here for that story. 

Yes, I'm thinking this is as good a time as any to check for a MN DOC mugshot for Cedric Lamont Berry, and here he is:

MN DOC mugshot, therefore public domain

Tangent Alert! BRACE BRACE BRACE! 

The Cedric Lamont Berry pictured above is the same Berry associated with the criminal complaint about "50 Zone" gang activity. However, in our little North Minneapolis "Game Of Thrones," this guy born 7/17/94 would be "Cedric the Younger." You see, there is ANOTHER guy named "Cedric Lamont Berry," (Cedric the Elder?) who has also fallen under the jurisdiction of the Minnesota Department of Corrections, but Cedric The Elder was born 7/25/78 and is currently on supervised probation.

Here's his mug shots.

Pardon my excitement. It's so hard to document actual family ties, or even what APPEAR to be family ties. Yes, I wrote that whole Gomez family series but let me tell you, there was an amateur genealogist helping behind the scenes, really. 

This Bone Must Be Chewed Another Day

The MNCIS online court record system is down on Sundays, so I can't look up Trae Patterson's criminal record, if any. But clearly Patterson must be followed up. As much as I hate becoming the North Minneapolis "murder blog," the journalistic principal of "if it bleeds it leads" means stories must be triaged, and people dying in the street get priority. 

Want to write about lovely backyard cookouts in North Minneapolis? Email me about being a guest author. 

Trae, Trae, we hardly know ye!!!! But give me a day or two, and I'll turn something up. 

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