Monday, November 10, 2014

Henry Lee Devon Moore, Alleged To Be A Spectacular Career Criminal, Apparently Even Fooled The Hennepin County Jail Into Publishing A Fake Home Address...

Image of Sheriff Stanek used under First Amendment Fair Comment
and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Hennepin County Sheriff Stanek, who was endorsed by this blog, was smart enough to win another term in office by an overwhelming margin of votes last week with no small amount of help from an anonymous blogger who did a vicious number on Stanek's opponent, OUCH!!!! 

It is the position of Johnny Northside that down and dirty anonymous political opposition blogs should GO AWAY AFTER THE ELECTION. This I suggest is best for the sake of former political opponents coming together to promote the common good in our vibrant democracy. 

But whether that happens or not... 

Congratulations, Sheriff Stanek! And yes this blogger will eventually come-a-calling for that beverage-of-my-choice we discussed on the phone during that long and enjoyable conversation. 

And now back to our regularly scheduled vexing issues in a democracy which must be wrestled with by our elected officials. 

It turns out that despite overwhelming evidence of his cleverness and administrative acumen, there is at least one thing Stanek is apparently powerless to do: Keep fake addresses off the Hennepin County Jail roster, an annoying issue this blogger has been highlighting for two years to absolutely no avail. 

The latest stunning example is Henry Lee Devon Moore, who is the subject of a recent story in the almighty tree-killing Star Tribune,  click here for that story. Moore is alleged to be a career criminal who robbed an Unbank location in North Minneapolis with an accomplice. The robbery was accomplished, allegedly, by kidnapping a female clerk and torturing her with a stun gun and hammer until she gave up the combination of the store safe. 

Three things the Strib story conspicuously lacks: A mug shot of Moore. A link to the actual criminal complaint. (I'm working on obtaining a copy for readers) And Mr. Moore's home address so society can learn who profits from sheltering this man in our midst.  

Well, I told myself I could solve the third issue with a quick peak at the Hennepin County jail roster but...


Turns out alleged master criminal Henry L.D. Moore's address is listed as "3012 Pold Street, Minneapolis, MN 55418." 

2014029615MOORE, DEMETRIUS.DREQUAN12/12/19904040 QUAIL AVE N, ROBBINSDALE, MN 5542211/6/2014.09:47
2014029175MOORE, HENRY.LEE DEVON10/22/19893012 POLD ST, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 5541811/1/2014.13:27
2014020284MOORE, MICHAEL.NMN4/25/19773501 DUPONT AVE N, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 554128/4/2014.15:28

I am here to tell you that "3012 Pold Street" has never existed in the history of the internet, until being published on that jail roster and now here on Johnny Northside.  Punch that puppy into Google and here's what you get:

Showing results for "3012 old street"
Search instead for "3012 pold street"

Thank you, Google. Thank you for trying to be helpful and do your little job. Others could learn from your example. Others, that is to say, who have the minor and relatively simple administrative task of making sure addresses entered into the jail roster have some basis in reality. 

God, I hope I haven't blown that free beverage I earned for my Stanek endorsement! 


Anonymous said...

Polk St perhaps?

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

My theory is that this is a case of bad handwriting. 3012 POLK Street NE is an actual address.

Anonymous said...

You are quite the front-runner...what happened to your failed endorsements? Where is Don?(school board)... You herald your so called victories but fail to acknowledge your defeats.. you are a shameless piece of shit, son.

Anonymous said...

onloseat engagedI am guessing you are hoping your son becomes a millionaire because you suck shit,fake ass "bro"

Johnny Northside! said...

I didn't have any "failed endorsements" in this election. Not sure what you're talking about. I didn't endorse Don Samuels for school board because, first of all, I wasn't formally asked to endorse him and secondly he was such a shoe-in after winning in the primary it didn't seem necessary.

I am, of course, very glad he won and I will have to make a point to congratulate him.

Johnny Northside! said...

But there's no "NE" after the address, either. Furthermore, if the name of the street is messed up how am I to know the HOUSE NUMBER isn't messed up?

Anonymous said...

Your endorsement for Samuels in the Mayor's race counts you shifty, lying asshole. You are a front running snake-in the-grass who hopes people have short term memories. Typical trait of people who are of a certain background.

Anonymous said...

You needs to mind your business and get a life before they end up writing about you in the star tribune ....."Johnny Northside shot dead" no witness or leads

MCullen NE said...

The zip is NE.