Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who Was Watching "Pete The Pedophile" As He Filed Frivolous Litigation? It Was Bobbie Chevalier-Jones...

Blog post by John Hoff, see addendum below for source of photo

So a couple days ago I emailed Bobbie Chevalier-Jones, the Intensive Supervised Release agent whose caseload of sex offenders includes Peter Rickmyer, a.k.a. "Pete The Pedophile" or, as I like to call him, "Spanky Pete." I asked Chevalier-Jones to prevent Pete from viewing my blog during his precious two hours of supervised weekly internet time, since my family-friendly blog has pictures of minors including my own son.

I might have added my blog does have exactly ONE slightly racy picture (part of a news story about a character involved in mortgage fraud) which I suspect would be a violation of Pete's probation, click here.

Pete is the subject of a cover story in the new issue of City Pages, just hitting the streets now. Here is the story online, click here, and also click here to enjoy the really great cover art. So, you might be wondering, what did Chevalier-Jones say in response to my email?

Nothing. And nothing from her supervisor.

So let's talk about Chevalier-Jones, the person who was supposed to be minding the story while "Spanky Pete" was pouring hours and hours into writing his 90-plus page psychopath "midnight manifesto"...

First of all, I really have to wonder how a document that long could have been word processed in a mere two hours a week. Is Peter getting many hours of supervised word processing somewhere? So this psychopath (the courts have declared him a psycopath, it's a statement of FACT) can tie up the court system and decent North Minneapolis residents with his gibberish. And whose nose did it happen under? The nose of Bobbie Chevalier-Jones.

In digging into this story, I found that Bobbie Chevalier-Jones (pictured above) won some kind of award for "professional achievement" in the area of being friendly and supportive to Level Three sex offenders. Huh, I didn't know they gave awards for that kind of thing. Click here for a link to a little newsletter write-up about the award, but here's what it says, word for word, feel free to cruelly deconstruct in the comments section and please can be anonymous.

Bobbie Chevalier-Jones is a top-notch agent who shows compassion and caring and inspires her supervisees to succeed. She daily demonstrates her strength as an ISR Agent for Hennepin County. Her specialty is dealing with offenders who have signifi cant mental disabilities or conduct disorders. Whether the offender has Asperger’s Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Intense or Severe Antisocial Personality Disorder, or even Oppositional Defiant Disorder, these clients are assigned to her due to her expertise in supervision of these high-maintenance clients.

Bobbie does the extra mile by not only speaking to therapists but by meeting with them. She builds rapport with her offenders, as demonstrated by their comments at revocation hearings, stating that they felt badly because they disappointed Bobbie, who really believed they could succeed. That’s a high compliment. She has attained the skills to prove to these offenders that not only can they succeed with their impairments, she believes they will. This is a strong motivator for many of her clients and often the turning point of their supervision.

These are offenders who require high maintenance and an abundance of patience. Some of these offenders are so verbally abusive and antisocial that others will not speak to them. Bobbie doesn’t solve these issues for them. She guides them through the decision making process so they will do it on their own. She sets boundaries for them and explains why their actions are not acceptable. Bobbie takes an active role in finding appropriate counseling, schooling or classes that will help better integrate them into society. She has been observed spending days trying to straighten out someone’s medication issues, attending countless meetings with doctors and therapists because someone is struggling in treatment, or even empathizing and counseling victims terrified of her client’s release.

(JNS interjects: Continue to be terrified if the long leash she has allowed Peter Rickmyer is any indication, and I would tend to think it is)

This ISR agent not only excels with her clients, she shines when she is among her peers.

(JNS asks: Is this true? What I wouldn't give to hear from some of those peers)

She has exceptional communication skills. She believes we all work towards the same goal and should share not only information but ideas and contacts as well. She suffers no shame in admitting her mistakes and is hesitant to accept praise for her accomplishments.

Bobbie is not an agent who designed some system or worked a huge caseload. She is just an agent who has exceptional abilities that allow her to work effectively with offenders who many would be inclined to revoke.

(JNS says: Yeah, read that line again. Other agents think these sick puppies need to have their parole revoked, but Bobbie continues to sympathize and work with them. Our neighborhood pays the price)

Her communication skills, humanity, and caring make her a role model for many. She helps high-risk clients transition into our communities and assist victims with their recovery. Our community gains much from her work and field services are a better functioning system because of her. 

(JNS says: Bobbie, walk in baby steps toward your email and churn out a response about this sicko having access to a blog with pictures of my son)

ADDENDUM: The MCA wrote me an email claiming this photo--which was forwarded to me by email from an anonymous source--appears on their website. As of this writing, they have sent me no link to prove the photo comes from their website, but I would be willing to take their word. The photo is used, anyway, under First Amendment "fair comment and criticism" to discuss a newsworthy matter.

The same goes for the content of their newsletter, which provides newsworthy information about Bobbie Chevalier-Jones, the probation officer who has been letting "Pete The Pedophile" frolic around under her very nose. The things said in this newsletter are NOT TRUE IN MY EXPERIENCE and the content of the newsletter is worthy of comment by myself and others who are contributing their thoughts on this blog--including thoughts which are in DEFENSE of Bobbie Chevalier-Jones, as part of a free and open discussion.


Anonymous said...

I would say it's time for Bobbie to get Pete a new counselor, adjust his medications, and explain to him as sympathetically as possible that he will need to type up his next lawsuit on an IBM Selectric. In fact, if Bobbie wants to be really sympathetic, maybe she could buy him one from ebay, since Pete ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE USING THE INTERNET.


Anonymous said...

While I support what you're doing, I just want to point out that "Internet" time and "Word Processing" time may not be the same thing. He could by typing stuff all week on a computer that's not hooked up to the internet.

Gary said...

This is a little over the top John. I don't think you should blame one woman for this guy's lawsuit and everything else about him. She's just one government worker who has to work within the constraints of the system. Can you point to anything specific that she's done other than work at an extremely difficult job? She's not the only person in the correction system, you know.

Anonymous said...

This seems a bit unfair. These people probably have the worst job ever and you're just making it harder. She isn't your personal employee and because you picked a fight with a loser who has too much time on his hands you can't blame her for your inconvenience. I think your wrong to single her out.

Anonymous said...

If Pete spends his considerable spare time typing up a 90 page complaint, it falls withing the scope of the supervising officer's employment responsibilities to at least look into the circumstances underlying the complaint to determine how big the chasm is between reality and Pete's interior world. She is his supervising officer. The buck stops with her.

Granted, Pete probably has a civil right to use the court system if he so chooses, but on the other hand, it is Bobbie's responsibility to try to get his head in line with reality, especially since she is supposed to be so good at such things.

The overall message of Bobbie's email response to JNS about Pete's computer use, posted a while back, is that anyone in Pete's litigous line of fire can sit down and shut up. Did she say she would look into the situation? No. Did she say she would talk to Pete about appropriate vs. inappropriate behavior? No. Did she say that out of concern for JNS' son, she would see to it that the computer Pete used blocked his access to JNS' blog? No. Did she even express her apparently legendary sympathy and empathy with JNS for his concerns? No.

At very least, she could make the observation to Pete that from a procedural point of view, Pete can't "serve" his own complaint, but that it must be served by an impartial third party. It would be safer to have a Sheriff's deputy serve those involved rather than giving Pete an excuse to lurk around Kip Browne's house when his pregnant wife is alone there. It may be a waste of taxpayer money to have a Sheriff's deputy so employed, but so is expecting Bobbie to be proactive with Pete, so whatever.

As for Bobbie not being JNS' personal employee, well, just remember, all of us who pay taxes in this city/county/state are this person's employer as we all contribute to paying her salary, even if it is crappy. And, she chooses to work for crappy wages in a tough industry.

Johnny Northside said...

Three comments rejected from a troll which all pretty much say the same thing: people who are late on their property taxes shouldn't criticize anybody or anything.

What can I say? I learned to roll that way from my "separated at birth" brother, Ben Myers.

Johnny Northside said...

In regard to the actual issue at hand...

Pete is acting out on Bobbie's watch. Ultimately, Bobbie and her immediate supervisor should answer. It appears she is overly sympathetic to the deviant psychopath rapists and/or perverts under her control. Who pays the price? North Minneapolis pays the price.

Also, some public servant...hasn't even answered my email.

Anonymous said...

The service you provide with this blog is your payment to the community. Taxes will get paid when they need to be paid. Your giving NOMI sweat equity so to speak. Thanks!

Bev A said...

As long as Pete isn't breaking the law or the terms of his probation there's nothing this lady can do. Even perverts and sex offenders get access to the court system. Filing a lawsuit that doesn't have merit isn't enough to get someone's probation revoked. You're barking up the wrong tree John, and you look petty and vindictive doing it.

But I agree with you about property taxes. I wouldn't give the government a dime more than I have to, and I'd keep it from them as long as possible. Who knows, MN is so insolvent that it might have to dissolve itself before the property goes back to the County for unpaid taxes.

Anonymous said...

Rickmyer is on parole not probation. There is a difference Sure he has access to the courts but he is manipulating the court system, filing nonsense cases at a great expense to the taxpayer. Being on parole means being a productive citizen. Is what he is doing productive? His agent may not be able to restrict him from filing but certainly should be discouraging his actions and redirecting him to other positive activites. There is great latitude in restricting other activities such as use of computers and Internet access. I agree with a previous poster except that I have and old selectric typewriter I would just donate. Rickmyer's agent appears non responsive to the community going back to last year. Responding to the communities in which offenders live should be part of the duties of a parole agent.

That's it, you gone and done it! said...

OMG! You are famous. ;) Just kidding. (You are, but I was talking about what was said about you in the City Pages.)

Here is my take on this whole pedophile situation, I am glad that you are posting this sort of thing on your blog, talking about it to officials and who ever you can get to listen. I believe that there should be a certain standard that pedophiles should have to abide in, and being AWAY from areas that children frequent is the main thing.

I wouldn't give a damn if "Pete the Pedophile" lived right next to the park and he owned the home that both his parents died in...he should have to move. I agree that he should not be able to look at your blog, whether it be to see where Johnny right you have lots of kids photos on this site and I hate to even fathom that he "beating his meat" to the pictures.

I believe that all sex offenders should be "Lorianna Bobbitt" no matter what kind of sex crime, and those who have done it to children should be raped and placed in some cult bio-dome where they can't see or interact with normal people.

I can't imagine how they even get off on such sick disgusting loathing acts such as children, who should believe they live in a world that is safe from sick PERVS like PERVY PETE!

Johnny Northside! said...

Bobbie Chevalier Jones screws over the decent people of North Minneapolis AGAIN with her lax supervision practices.