Thursday, May 27, 2010

Major Police Action In Front Of 3002 Queen Ave. N.

Photos by John Hoff, light levels in photos were adjusted,
blog post by John Hoff. (License plate photo contributed, xoxo)

Tonight, a police chase apparently ended in front of 3002 Queen Ave. N. tonight. A black four door car, possibly a Dodge Magnum, license plate 438 BXH (Minnesota) was thoroughly searched by half a dozen police, who even checked under the hood. As much as two blocks away, two police officers were observed looking in a hedge for something, and there was a reliable report of a group detained near a church a block from the where the car remained at 3002 Queen.

At least one individual was apparently in custody, a dark-skinned black male in a long white t-shirt, approximately in his 20s. Another individual--a light skinned black male in late teens or early twenties, with long hair tied back in a bun--was observed to be released at the scene. Fourth Precinct Commander Mike Martin was present.

Rumors flew in the crowd: that the incident was a...

...shooting. A high speed chase. A high speed chase AND a shooting. A call to the Fourth Precinct produced the following cryptic information: the incident had nothing to do with the immediate area of 30th and Queen except "the car we were after ended up there." There was no shooting but, in fact, a shooting was "what we were trying to prevent."

It was noted that 3002 Queen Ave. N. had an incredible crop of burdock weeds and so, when I got home, I dropped an email to the 311 system, attaching a photo.

God Bless The Fourth Precinct.


Johnny Northside! said...

Word comes that no-accounts are always hanging out at that particular intersection.

Anonymous said...

Weeds? Well at least they weren't trying to fix a car in the street. Thanks for making that call John.

Anonymous said...

No doubt the 4th rocks! I wish there was some kind of Domestic Terrorism Service Medal we could give them. Talk about a "forgotten war"!

Hans said...

I agree, with gangs called The Taliban running around we should be able to utilize the Patriot Act against them.

Hans said...

Interesting idea Hans. I like your name... reminds me of someone I know

Johnny Northside! said...

I got word back from the 311 system about the incredible crop of burdock in the back yard, as follows:

Dear John,

We appreciate your email.

The problem is already being handled by Housing Inspections. On 5/26/10 they put in a work order for a sub-contractor due to non-compliance.

If there is anything else we can help you with please contact us. Thank you for emailing the City of Minneapolis.


Johnny Northside! said...

Here's the listed owners, according to the City website:

Quintina Smith/Lawrence Reed
3002 Queen Ave N Minneapolis Mn 55411