Monday, May 17, 2010

JNS BLOG EDITORIAL: United States Supreme Court Says LOCK UP THE PEDOPHILE FREAKS ("Spanky" Pete Rickmyer Probably Shaking In His Shoes)

DOC mugshot, therefore in the public domain
blog post by John Hoff

It was with great excitement that I learned, today, of the Supreme Court's recent ruling saying that dangerous sexual deviants could be locked up indefinitely, click here and don't hold back with your wild cheers.

Right away my mental wheels started spinning and smoking, wondering... this could be and would be applied in North Minneapolis, where Level Three sex offenders have been dumped in our neighborhood, concentrated despite a statute to the contrary. This is, of course, a ruling which applies to the FEDERAL government, but clearly states will have additional legal leeway where such leeway didn't exist before.

JNS blog calls for an urgent and expedited review of the status of all Level Three sex offenders in North Minneapolis--including those who have gone "off paper" and completely served their parole, such as Junaid Maalik. Clearly, the status of all Level Three sex offenders in the whole STATE should be reviewed, but undoubtedly the situation in North Minneapolis is the most urgent due to the "dumping" and "clustering" issues.

And who should be at the very tippy top of that list in need of urgent review? Well, probably the guy who has done more recently to worry, alarm, and frustrate decent people in North Minneapolis than any other Level Three sex offender, and who has single-handedly managed to squander tens of thousands of dollars worth of "billing hours" by skilled attorneys who have to answer his pro se, in forma pauperis gibberish in the court system.

Yes, I'm talking about none other than "Spanky" Pete Rickmyer.


Shamika said...

I hope they all do get locked up indefinitely. They give our neighborhood a bad name. You know who else should be locked up indefinitely, those damn gang-bangers with their pants down around their knees. Thuggin' on our streets. Littering in the gutters. Walking down the middle of the street. I'm tired of them all. Lock 'em up indefinitely but don't just let 'em sit around playing video games or watching cable tv. Make 'em work hard, highway litter crews, oil spill clean up. Clean up the litter in the streets. Heck, bring them right to their own stomping grounds and make them weed the grass and clean litter up right in front of their buddies. I'm tired of these people giving our neighborhoods a bad name. Viva la NoMi!

Anonymous said...


This doesn't give states any additional leeway. They already had all the leeway they needed. Look at Kansas v. Crane.

You need to put your law degree to use and help the people of NoMi. You're not contributing to this community when you're out trucking.

Anonymous said...

This decision did not give states any different "leeway" with respect to committing sex offenders. The practice was already declared lawful in Kansas v. Crane. Please correct this misstatement in your post.

Johnny Northside! said...

I don't know why you're trying to put out false information about Kansas v. Crane, because that case did the OPPOSITE of what you're saying, it was basically in favor of the rights of sex offenders.

But this case is distinct from Kansas v. Crane and cites Kansas v. Crane.

Here's more information about it.

Even if you want to assume, "arguendo" that the recent case gave no new legal leeway, it sure gave political leeway.

Article stands as written.

Anonymous said...

In short, Kansas v. Crane allowed the states to civilly commit sex offenders. The recent case allows the feds to do it. I think you're misreading the cases.

Politically though, you may be right. Although hating on sex offenders has never been very risky politically.

Anonymous said...

There is ice forming, as we breathe, in the the adobe of el diablo.I think Shamika has an excellent idea about making whoever commits a crime of severity a candidate for work crews who clean up our vacant lots and anything similar to that sentiment.Everyday,eight hours aday five days a week we send these fools to clean up and i am guessing that the city will start looking a heck of a lot cleaner.The Perverts will have their day also,it is called throw away the damn key so we do not have hear about MENTAL PETE as we called him when we were kids.Your Ass is Grass PETE.I AM BACK!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Shamika, child molesters used for oil spill clean up. Tie them to a big rope , drga them around the gulf behind a big boat and soak up the oil. But "spanky Pete" already looks all oil soak up ya know, greezy!

T Jaramillo

Johnny Northside! said...

I think somebody has Kansas v. Crane all mixed up with Kansas v. Hendricks and it's not me.

Anonymous said...


Although Kansas v. Crane looked like a loss for sex offenders civil commitment laws, its real effect was to provide a blue print for the states to construct laws that wouldn't be overturned. If you look at the history of that case in the circuit courts you will find that is exactly what happened.

Sometimes in this legal game things aren't always what they appear. When you have the time you should get your license so you can do even more good in NoMi.

Johnny Northside said...

And if you'd explained that in the FIRST place we never would have disagreed.

Congress needs to move fast, fast, FAST to pass some kind of law before even one more citizen gets abducted, raped, tortured and/or killed by these deviant freaks who need to be locked up for life.

Here's how I see the story happening.

FIRST they came for the sex offenders, and I said nothing.

THEN...well, actually, they stopped with the sex offenders and everybody was happy, except the pedophile freaks, who were all locked up.

The End.