Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Serious Police Action At 423 23rd Ave. N. Today

Photos and blog post by John Hoff, license plate of
possible police undercover vehicle is obscured in the
second photo

Just driving through the neighborhood today, off to take care of errands and see "Robin Hood," I stumbled upon a different kind of "hood action." Two vehicles were being hauled away on a flatbed truck and police were swarming on 423 23rd Ave. N., a rental property owned by Jacquelyn Comeaux of 2708 Edinbrook Terrace Brooklyn Park Mn 55443. This property address has hit this blog's radar before, click here, dubbed the "House Of Annoyance" by decent neighbors who live nearby. (Asture readers will note the house used to be white, but apparently got new siding or a paint job when the ownership changed)

Today, according to one eye witness account...

...a blue colored Grand Am pulled up near the house, pursued by police. A thug bailed from the car and tried to come over a fence, but the thug made the mistake of choosing the wrong fence surrounding the wrong yard. The citizens confronted the thug as he began his climb, and told him--in no uncertain terms--to stay on the other side of the fence. So the thug tried to jump the fence at 423 23rd Ave. N., but suddenly police were on him, drawing their weapons. The police probably would have gotten him anyway, but who knows? It appears the brief confrontation with these "We Watch, We Call" citizens helped turn the thug right back into the arms of MPD, which were eagerly waiting for him.

In the course of the incident, it appears there was a search at 423 23rd Ave. N. It is unknown how or if 423 23rd Ave. N. was involved in the incident, but the search went on for quite a while at midday and was still happening when I left to go see Robin Hood. Bystanders said a police officer was seen to recover a rather large handgun, and walked out holding the gun in one hand, a magazine of bullets in the other. It is unknown where the handgun was recovered, whether off the thug or inside the house.

A vehicle believed to be an undercover police vehicle was at the scene, as well as two individuals who appeared to be undercover police officers. (JNS blog refrained from photographing the individuals and declines to describe them) Some residents were of the opinion the incident may have started as a drug sting. Annoying suburban drug buyers would be well advised to STAY OUT OF NORTH MINNEAPOLIS.

We are watching, we are calling.


Dee said...

Odds are without the citizens help. cops would have not caught him. That is truly why it takes a community of many to disband a army of few..

Patrick said...

I agree, it's efforts like that and the We Watch We Call Signs that really make a difference.

Anonymous said...

This place has been on the radar of nearby residents since the family moved in.

While they seem nice enough, the teenage son is involved in some sort of drug dealing. His mother claims to know nothing about this.

Hmm...We will see.

BTW. These new property owners also decided to by this house and do major renovation without building permits.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god! A property owner performing work without the blessing of the city? Shame!

Anonymous said...

There are real reasons why permits are required. It is to protect people from questionable contractors.

Maybe you don't really understand this concept.