Thursday, May 20, 2010

Progress On The $7,900 House--The Chicken Blood Is Gone From The Vinyl Siding!

First photo by Brian Finstad with a cell phone, second photo and blog post by John Hoff

It's just a minor flaw in Connie's famous 'n' fabulous $7,900 house, click here to read more, but among a certain crowd of high profile movers and shakers in NoMi, the "chicken blood stain" has taken on a kind of legendary status. The mysterious stain--very clearly some kind of blood, smeared on the vinyl near the door in a seemingly deliberate fashion--was presumably blood from (we figured) some kind of blessing ritual.

Connie once told me, off-handedly, she was going to get rid of the vinyl siding one day and go with classic clapboard siding. Telling me that once was, as it turned out, one too many times. While doing some "pro bono yard work" for Connie I took some...

...yellow spraypaint and spritzed it on the blood stain after trying to scrub it off didn't work. Really, I figured it was just like the "vigilante graffiti abatement" I sometimes perform, though heaven knows I can't even compete in the same league with Ed Kohler who runs the popular blog The Deets.

When Connie saw my handywork, she was all, like, AAAAHHHHHHHHH! And I was all, like, Wah? Wah? WHAT'S THE PROBLEM with what I did?

Thank god she got over it. But now Brian and his partner Raymel are spiffing up Connie's house, the house formerly known as the Hawthorne Princess. Word reached me recently that Brian and Raymel found some kind of agent which got off the spray paint and the mystery blood underneath. Like the saga of the Atlas Pillar, click here, it's yet another small milestone at the $7,900 house.

Do bargains like this still exist in North Minneapolis? You bet. But there's only one Hawthorne Princess with a mysterious ritualistic blood stain.


Charlene said...

I think the blood should have stayed as a symbol of all the blood shed in gang violence across the city. The CIA has concentrated criminals in our midst and symbols like this bring public our plight among the violence.

Ranty said...

It looks so beautiful now I could just about cry.