Monday, May 31, 2010

Streetlights On Wooden Poles Are NOT Maintained By The City of Minneapolis (Surprise, Surprise)

Photo by Jennifer Olstad, blog post by John Hoff

In a conversation that took place via my Facebook home page, uber-flipper Jennifer Olstad sent me some information via Facebook about who is responsible for maintaining the streetlights on WOODEN light poles. I would have thought it was the City of Minneapolis, but I would have been wrong.

Here's what Jennifer told me...

There has been a streetlight out on my block for what seems to be eternity (according to the neighbors). In the spirit of safety for residents and their properties, I wanted it fixed! I learned that The City does NOT maintain the streetlights on wooden poles. They are maintained by XCel's Outdoor Division.

If you call, they will fix it within 48hrs! 1-800-960-6235.

Spread the word to ensure Northside streets are lit up and safe!


Patrick said...

This is great, I always wondered what was up with the lights on the wood poles. Great job John you came through for us again. I've placed two calls already and will be walking the neighborhood tonight looking for more.

la_vie_en_rose said...

That's good information to know because I noticed the other day that the streetlight at the corner of 18th and Girard is really dim.

Anonymous said...

Many times 311 will take the report of the burnt out street light on a wooden pool. I have run into a few 311 operators who won't.

Anonymous said...

If you run into a 311 operator that won't, get their name and tell them you are calling on behalf of the Adventures Of Johnny Northside. I've seen things move REAL fast when I throw that out there.