Monday, November 7, 2011

Council Member Barb Johnson Writes Johnny Northside In Afghanistan...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

I wrote quite a while back about how I was sending some "Afghan trinkets of nominal value" to Council Members Hofstede, Johnson and Samuels, who represent North Minneapolis. I also sent a handwritten letter (no handy printer, here at my FOB) to each council member lobbying on a certain North Minneapolis issue. Suffice to say my idea involves getting qualified buyers for vacant houses.

To my delight, I returned to my hooch a couple days ago and found a letter shoved over the crudely constructed plywood door. It was from Council President Barb Johnson and she wrote about being quite open to my idea. She was even going to speak to a few experts on the subject.

Johnson's letter--which I received only a couple days ago--was dated September 14.

Yes, a letter or care package sent to Afghanistan can take a long, long time.

But how delightful when it arrives.

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