Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Homicide Victim Frank Sam Early Was Looking For A Female Prison Pen Pal Who Could "Keep It Real"

Frank Sam Early photo from Jail Mail Dot Net, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

All credit goes to one of my anonymous commenters who found this info and provided a link on a recent blog posting.

Frank Sam Early, the latest victim of a North Minneapolis car shooting where drugs were likely involved, whose extensive criminal record was published, exclusively, here on Johnny Northside Dot Com, was imprisoned in Marion Illinois on crack cocaine and gun possession charges. While there, like many prison inmates, Early sought help and companionship through a prison pen pal website.

It should be noted different states have different rules about allowing inmates to seek pen pals on websites. Minnesota is apparently one of the states which DOES NOT currently allow it. Of course, if an Illinois prison inmate posted to such a website and managed to snag a MINNESOTA pen pal, that wouldn't be breaking any rules. The question I suddenly have is...

Is this how Early met the female companion who was gunned down in the car with him?

Early's personal ad read as follows...

(Paragraph breaks inserted by this blogger. "And" symbol replaced by word "and" due to blog formatting issues)

I hope that this message finds you well. First of all, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read my ad. My name is Frank but friends call me Prince so please do so.

(JNS interjects: Right, your friends call you "Prince." And my friends call me "Chuck Norris.")

I'm from Chicago, Illinois and I'm placing this ad in hopes of finding a true friend and hopefully that special someone. I'm open-minded and I like women of all cultures and sizes. I'm a very out-going person and I'm seeking the same. I'm a man who truly believes in keeping it real and I expect the same from whoever writes.

(JNS interjects: What's that mean? Like, let's do drugs together and knock off a liquor store or something? Sure not planning to reform myself, seeking same in a mate?)

I like females who can communicate on all levels and is willing to give a friendship their all. I'm 5'9" and weigh 190. I'm brown-skinned and wear my hair in braids. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully we can build a solid friendship. So until I hear from you, keep your head up and stay strong.

Frank Early #06879-041
PO Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959

Birthdate: September 10/1974

Expected Date of Release: December/2005 or March 18/2006

JNS says: Anybody care to comment on the tattoos? Both the crown and the crossed tridents definitely look like gang tattoos to me, but I don't have my "Great Big Book Of Gang Signs" handy here in Afghanistan. Here's a good link, however, click here.  


Anonymous said...

The one tattoo of the crossed tridents is for Satan's Disciples, out of Chicago.

Anonymous said...

That is one buff dead brother. I wonder how much he can lift now. Meat dropping from the bones now, i guess. Yo, Early, open the goddamn lid and let the funk out. I assume you will not be shooting anyone else in this life. Hot yet, Bro?

Anonymous said...

...and that's our show folks, and remember, it's never too late not to be long!

Anonymous said...

My zeal to be real left me without the ability to feel, my tat was my seal, my tat was my seal, turned out to be a real fucked up deal, fucked up deal.Now i lie still tryin' to keep it real, tryin' to keep it real wd'out no feel, wd'out no feel. Now i'm jus' a tasty maggot meal, maggot meal. Slam Poetry for all the suckas'n'
da' house... get out, your rent's not paid.

Anonymous said...

Regardless to how this man lived his life, making jokes about his death is is awful and cruel. Some people need to grow up. This blog is not about helping build a better community over north, but about mocking the trials and trubulations and deaths of people. You post crimnal records not knowing if they have reformed. People make mistakes and no one is perfect.

Johnny Northside! said...

I assume you mean "tribulations" not "trubulations," which isn't even a word.

You are correct, I don't know if people have "reformed." I'm not even sure what "reformed" means in this context.

If somebody was in jail a month ago, but had no criminal charges, then got shot dead TODAY in a dubious incident while hanging around with no account thugs, were they "reformed" for a month?

I see no compelling logic in your commentary which would make me reconsider printing the criminal records of no accounts who die in dubious circumstances in North Minneapolis. Clearly, dealing with an excess of criminal no accounts is part of building a better community in North Minneapolis.

Anonymous said...

How can someone speak bad about someone they don't no

Anonymous said...

My Name is Laura Early. I am Franks Oldest Daughter. My father NEVER did drugs or drink alcohol. Please dont make a mockery of my father.

Anonymous said...

I assume this blog makes you feel in some way empowered and better than people but mocking the dead won't benefit you or your community in any way so I'm confused to the relevance of this site. But of course, youll respond with some smart ass response like the self righteous punk Bitch you are. stay in doors.

Johnny Northside! said...

How can somebody write "no" when the literate and English speaking world writes the word "know?" How can somebody who spells so badly even find the nerve to write their opinion?

Oh, that's right. You're anonymous. I guess that helps a lot.

Johnny Northside! said...

I received the following email today:
Hello Mr. "Johnny Northside"

This email is regarding several of your blogs about my father Frank Sam.

I find it HIGHLY disrespectful to call him a crackhead, and the things you said about him and the comments people put were very disrespectful and disturbing. Almost half of your information was not true, and I feel as if you are mocking my father.

I ask that you please DELETE ALL blogs that you have posted about him.

And FYI, the woman that was shot with him that day, was not some pen pal, that was his WIFE, my mother.

Please take my email seriously and remove all blogs you have about my father. I will not let people make a mockery of him.

Please and Thank you.

Johnny Northside! said...

To which I responded:
No blog posts will be removed.

If you think I have said something that is not factual, (versus merely "disrespectful," which is a mere matter of opinion)
kindly outline in detail the statements in the articles you feel are not correct or factual and I will take a look at those
statements to determine if they need correction or additional clarification.

As for the comments people "put," that is their opinion, not mine. I am free under federal law to publish comments from
other people and not be held responsible for their content, so the comments I am not going to address with you at
all. If you like, you may go there and comment.

I look forward to your response.

Johnny Northside

Johnny Northside said...

Oh, reeeeeeeeeeeally?

So can you explain what he was incarcerated for?

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