Monday, November 7, 2011

JNS BLOG "Permanent Public Forum Blog Post" Mission To Continue, Let Us Start With Level Three Sex Offender Richard Carpenter, 7/6/1951...

DOC mug shot, therefore in public domain, blog post by John Hoff 

It was March, 2011, when I last wrote a "Permanent Public Forum" blog post on a North Minneapolis Level Three sex offender, intending to make sure neighborhood residents will always have a public place to comment on these pervs and the still-burning issue of Level Three sex offender concentration in the 55411 zip code.

Also, there is the goal of "aggregate useful data and feed the hungry google bots."

Away from my beloved North Minneapolis neighborhood, I find myself gravitating to a bloggy task that relies nothing on geographic proximity and everything on digging up information via the internet. By my count, eleven Level Three sex offenders need their own blog posts. Twelve already have "Permanent Public Forum posts, and a select few--Harold Clayton Lacy, Kirk Douglas Green and, of course, the notorious Peter "Spanky Pete" Rickmyer have been the subject of blog posts where anybody could leave questions or info in the comments sections...therefore I see no need for a "forum" blog post to cover these guys.

Eleven Level Threes who have thus far escaped their own special little blog post will be seeing their pictures and whatever info I can dig up appear here in the next few days, weeks, months (however long it takes) with comment space reserved for those who wish to add more.

In addition, Tupac Toshiq Makavelli has a new mug shot and therefore will get his own special blog post, even though he has already been the subject of coverage on this blog, click here.

So, let us start with Richard Carpenter. Just what we need, huh? A sex offender with a not terribly distinctive name. He doesn't even have a MIDDLE name. Well, at least he's got a birthday...

Which is July 6, 1957.

Here are some of his other stats:

Race/Ethnicity: BLACK
Hair Color: GRAY
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 5'08"
Weight: 212

Seriously, Minnesota Department of Corrections? This guy has a supervising agent named Christy Rahill, he's got an address, you've got his mug shots, you had him in prison for a while, but you list his "build" as UNKNOWN?

I might also note the "side view" mug shot photo, above, is not close enough and it's on the blurry side. Some pretty slip shod work here, DOC.

Well, moving on from there...

OID: 101949
Supervising Agent: Expired from court imposed Minnesota prison sentence and supervised release. Local, non-Minnesota, or federal supervision, if any, is noted below at the end of the Offense Information.
Release Date:
Offense Statute(s): 609.342
Offense Information:
Offender has a history of sexual contact with female victims(age 13-adult). Contact included fondling and penetration. Offender was known to victims. Local supervision agent: Cristy Rahill 612-348-4377.
Address County: Hennepin
Registered Address: 1000 block of Knox Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55411

I have been unable to locate any online court records for Richard Carpenter, nothing at all to get a handle on this guy. But if anybody out there can turn up some links...

Well, here's the forum to share.

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