Saturday, November 26, 2011

TJ Waconia Mortgage Fraudster Gets Probation, No Doubt Due To Otherwise Clean Record...

Stock photo, (not a TJ Waconia property) blog post by John Hoff

The Deets blog recently featured an interesting post about Nathan Daniel Jesh, who was the "closer" in the TJ Waconia mortgage/investor fraud case and only received three years probation. I'm trying to be outraged, but my outrage muscle has been strained from far too much use.

One reason Jesh may have received such a light sentence (besides the possibility he cooperated in the investigation) might be his lack of any meaningful criminal record. According to...

...the Minnesota Courts website, Jesh has only been charged with three things: underage drinking, speeding, and improperly tinted windows.

Here are those cases and the results of each:

Non- Traffic Misdemeanor
Converted Closed

Fined $50, plus $30 surcharge and $5 costs. Looks like the incident was reported to the Liquor Control Board, meaning whoever served or sold the liquor got in more trouble than young Mr. Jesh. In retrospect, this may have been something of an omen.

Jesh, Nathan Daniel
Dakota-Hastings - Criminal/Traffic/Petty
Crim/Traf Non-Mand
Traffic - Speeding - Exceed Limit 55 mph Where Appropriate 65/55

JNS says: Sixty-five in a fifty-five?


UJ 04577
Jesh, Nathan Daniel
Crim/Traf Non-Mand
Vehicle - Window Restrictions - Tint Too Dark

Otherwise known as "mouthing off to a cop when he says something about how your car windows seem a bit too dark." Convicted.

What is the lesson to be learned, here? That keeping a clean record is invaluable if you intend to pursue a lucrative career in white collar crime. Nathan Daniel Jesh helped destroy the very economic fiber of my neighborhood. Contrast that with a young thug who knocks of a liquor store but doesn't shoot anybody.

Jesh will never see a day in prison. The young thug, in contrast, would probably do some time and then, upon release, begin a downward socioeconomic slide which probably ends with dying in a hail of gunfire on a street corner.

I can't help but be reminded of the lyrics of a Violent Femmes song, "Kiss Off."

I hope you know this will go down on your permanent record/
Oh yeah? Well don't get so distressed/
Did I happen to mention that I'm impressed?

A small side note, here. Like all the other media, this blog has referred to the TJ Waconia debacle as "mortgage fraud." At some point, however, I became convinced it was more accurate to call it a case of "investor fraud."

But after giving the matter some consideration, I'm now convinced it's most accurate to say "mortage/investor fraud."


Anonymous said...

Did you see the comment on Nov 24 on the TJ Waconia victims blog?

Anonymous said...

View the pdf using google and the phrase
"Tamera and Michael Pletan through their Limited Liability Company, Greenland Properties, LLC. "

Johnny Northside! said...

I went there and saw it.

In fact, I left a link to Jeff Skrenes' blog, North by Northside, since he wrote about the rental license revocations being discussed in that comment, homes that were owned by Tamera and Michael Pletan.

The TJ Waconia thing was a big mess. A lot of people went down over that. The impact on my neighborhood can't be overstated. But there are many individuals out there who did the same bad stuff, (or similar) and got away with it.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the name Tamara Pletan come up several times with TJ Waconia but, something was missing. That name stood out but, I didn't know why.
Until today.

Tamara Pletan never used the name Tamara before. She was known as Tammy. All the connections made sense when I found her maiden name, Tammy Bengston!
Tamara Pletan is Tammy Bengston who grew up and went to school with TJ Waconia partner, Thomas (Tom) Balko!

Anonymous said...

There are several folks from the T.J Waconia saga that have never been charged. I still have information on one such person. If anyone wants to help or get info, let me know. Thanks Sue

Anonymous said...

4:39 post some info. What do you have? What do you need?

Sue Jacobson said...

Hi I posted some info on the T.J. Waconia fraud, I do know a couple of things that I would like to tell someone but I must be somewhat anonymous. I guess leave your email on with Johnny Northside or on this post. Thanks Sue

Sue Jacobson said...

Hi I posted something about this waconia fraud, I do know of some folks that have never been charged. I would lke to talk to you. How can we do this? Thanks Sue

Anonymous said...

i'M 8:12 ABOVE.

Send info to Johnny. His contact info is at the top of the home page here. Copied below.

Email me at

Johnny must be busy lately. Hope he is safe. Take care Johnny.

Anonymous said...

Tamara J. Pletan has a CURRENT resident appraisal license with the state of Minnesota. She and her husband, Michael, both had appraisal licenses but only hers it still active. It is active with Crimson Appraisal Service at their home address of 8881 Kimberly Lane in Maple Grove.